Monday 30 November 2009

17 again blog train

Welcome aboard my train - hope you enjoy the ride!

I was 17 in *whispers* 1983 - gulp - that is 26 years ago! My daughter is 18 now - where did the time go? I still only feel about 20 years old, although the lines on my face say otherwise! So, what was I up to all that time ago. Well, I was at college doing a BEC National Diploma in Business Studies. I made loads of new friends and for the first time in my teenage life found confidence in myself, started dating and going out with my new friends. Only 18 months later I met my husband to be and we married just before my 21st birthday.

Here is my layout - please forgive the very permed hair - it was fashionable at the time! In the first photo at the top I am with my friend Monica (my Gran says that it was her who brought me out of my shell!).

Paper: Fancy Pants - Summer Soiree, Glimmer, Lounging
           Sassafrasslass - Sweet Darling
Gems - Aunty Sarah's Dewdrop in yellow
Sketch - Pencillines #02

The journalling on the layout is as follows:
I drive my Mum's Mini
My favourite food is pancake roll
My hair style is a short, tight perm
My favourite drink is Pernod and black
Monday to Friday I to to Dacorum College
My favourite subject at college is business law
During the day on Saturday I work at Boots the Chemist
On a Saturday I go to the Plough pub in Leverstock Green
My best friends are Monica, Desiree and Diane
I am reading Jackie Collins books
My fashionable item is a denim jacket
My favourite actor is Richard Gere
My favourite shop is Chelsea Girl
My favourite band is Spandau Ballet
My favourite tv programme is Dallas
I don't do sport!
I wish I could visit Australia

The questions I answered but couldn't fit on to the layout are here:
My hair colour is dark brown
My favourite brand of makeup is Boots No 17
My favourite outfit is a check 'lumberjack' shirt and jeans
On a Sunday I do my homework
My favourite place to go out is the Plough pub and the Living Room Nightclub
When I grow up I want to be a marketing assistant
I want to marry 'someone' in the future!
The one thing I want but can't is to travel overseas
My most used mode of transport is walking
I recently saw the movie Flashdance and thought it was great
The big newspaper story this year is that Margaret Thatcher won a 2nd term in office as Prime Minister

I hope you have enjoyed your ride with me in 1983. Now jump aboard the train and steam on to 1975 to Deb's World to see what she was up to when she was 17!

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Sian said...

Me too! I was 17 in 1983. Wasn't it just the best? I got married pretty young 1988. I loved reading what you were up to..I never took to Pernod; I was more of a martini girl!