Sunday 10 January 2010

CSI Snowman

My daft daughter called us out to the garden on Friday night - 'oh no, the snowman has been murdered! CSI have been here already!' she yelled as we stepped out into the backgarden and were greeted with this ...

She had even made 'blood' using a fruit juice drink and drawn around the 'dead' snowman! She is an incredibly inventive person and writes a lot of short stories, novels and fanfics. I don't know of anyone else who would have thought of going out at 9.30pm and making a crime scene with a snowman!

Unfortunately, real murder has since been committed as Hugh stumbled across to the garage on Saturday and managed to kick the head and totally destroyed it! I think I will spend some time this afternoon scrapping the photos - I will try and upload the layout(s) next weekend.

1 comment:

Gemma* said...

i think she's been watching too many murder mysteries on telly - LOL :D