Saturday 10 April 2010

Holiday hell?

Actually, not quite as bad as it sounds! We were going to take our caravan to Northumberland for Easter, but when we saw the weather forecast decided it was a long way to go if it was going to be horrible! So, we had a quick change of plans, stayed at home over the Easter weekend (where I got lots of scrapping done!) and then took the caravan to a site near Bognor Regis. Well, that was the plan. We keep our 'van on a storage site and we duly turned up on Tuesday at 8.50am to hook up - but the police were there executing a search warrant. We were told they would be another hour - at midday we finally managed to get on to the site - to say I was unhappy was putting it mildly! I had planned that we would be down at Bognor by midday and then spend the afternoon at Arundel Castle. As it was, we were not down there and settled until nearly 5pm, so our afternoon trip went by the by. We did go in to Bognor for a stroll along the beach which was pleasant!

Wednesday dawned bright and dry, but the forecast was definitely better for later in the week, so we decided to go on the Bluebell Railway. Just as well we did, as it then rained for the next 4 hours! However, we were tucked up in our own compartment, with our picnic and had a wonderful time!
When we arrived back at the caravan site it was to find that it hadn't rained there all day! Oh well, we were snug and dry on the train.

Thursday was sunny when we woke up - yay! We decided to go to Leonardslee Gardens for the day and so afer packing a picnic off we went. The gardens were lovely, even though they are a little late in blooming, there was still lots to see and some lovely blossom on the trees and camelias.
I am clutching Hugh in this photo as I had run down hill to get to him and couldn't stop myself and so grabbed at him! Penny took that opportunity to snap the photo. We spent several hours there and also saw the wonderful dollshouse. This was of great interest to me as I used to do dollshouse modelling msyelf and still have several of them around my house.
Penny enjoyed the walk too and enjoyed seeing the wallabies that they had there and especially the one with the joey.

We finished our day off with a barbecue in the evening sunshine - along with about two thirds of the caravan site, judging from the smoke drifting everywhere and the lovely smells!
More about the holiday soon!

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Sian said...

I love dollshouses too! And we like to caravan..I had to laugh because holiday hell is what my teenage son now calls any trip in the caravan (we went to Whitby last summer). You never know, we might come across each other on a site some time!