Sunday 20 June 2010

Happy Day!

Yesterday my cousin Ian married his lovely bride Annie
We never thought Ian would ever marry, but Annie managed what no one else could!

 Annie looked gorgeous, as did her bridesmaids.

My family scrubbed up quite well too!

 My dad messed about with his grandsons whilst the photographs were being taken - they do so love each other.

My middle niece was at Brownie camp, but here are the rest of the 'girls' from the family:

My sister and her family (minus Olivia!)

Annie and Ian had a wicked wedding cake ...

and were eager to grab a drink when they arrived!

We had a lovely family day and wish them every happiness together (and fortunately I have loads of lilac and purple ribbon that I can use on pages when I come to scrap these photos!).

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Giulietta said...

What lovely wedding photos, Becky. I have enjoyed reading about your retreat as well. I am going to one in September.
Hope your mouth is quite healed up now.