Friday 13 August 2010

Shimelle's Summer Online Crop

I have decided to give my scrapping a kick start I will take part in as much of Shimelle's Summer Online Crop as I can! I have completed a layout tonight (but will have to post it tomorrow when I can take a photo of it) and I have taken my first photo for one of the photo challenges.

So, here are a few photos for my interpretation of this challenge, to take and post a photograph of a light in the dark.

My favourite, and the one I am using for this challenge is this one:

Hugh was most obliging and went and got torches and Ben's light sabre and posed for me in the garden! I don't know quite what the neighbours were thinking, especially as the light sabre actually makes the 'whoo' noise!


Anonymous said...

They are all great, but the last one is amazing!

Karen Williams said...

lucky you, what an obliging husband you have.

Anonymous said...

hee hee I LOL at the idea of the whoo whoo lightsabre ( we had several of those!) the dark garden and the two of you taking photos... hee hee... reminds me of a coupla weeks ago I was taking photos of a bush in our garden (from some very funny angles) for Shimelle's prompt on taking pics of flowers. It's good to have a laugh!

Mary B said...

Oh Wow love that one

scrappyjacky said...

Love that last one as well.... brilliant.

Sian said...

Wow! That's a fantastic photo Becky (it might be worth another haiku..)

Maria Ontiveros said...

All your photos from today are fabulous, but these are my favorite! I hope to do some of Shimelle's prompts soon.