Monday 20 June 2011

Miniature Monday

WARNING! This is a very photo heavy post!

So, this is what my tea-room/house looks like from the outside. Today I am going to share with you the kitchen, which is the room on the left, downstairs, as you look at the house.
This shows an overview of the kitchen area, with the cook and the 'tweeny' (inbetween) maid. Although the room is fairly small, I have stuffed it full of kitchen bits and bobs, just like I imagine a Victorian kitchen would be like.
This shows the range at the back of the kitchen. Hugh bought this as another present for me and fitted and electrified it, so that when the lights are on in the house it also lights up. There is an alcove to the right of the range which I filled with tins with authentic labels on.
The kitchen table with the sugar cone - this is made from real sugar stuck onto a cone shape and then pva glue poured over the top to stop it from falling off! I made the mini jam tarts in the tin too.
This shows the dresser - there are even plates and cups inside the cupboard.
The sink and plate rack and also the bells to summon the servants to the appropriate rooms.
A meat safe - made for me by Hugh. I made the meat out of Fimo.
A tiny vegetable box with Fimo made vegetables in it. I loved making the food - I bought a book which had brilliant instructions in. The cabbage was one of my favourite things to make.
Here is the tweenie - I named her Maud. I actually made her out of Fimo too. She is not the prettiest of girls, but I was pleased with her as my first attempt at doll making! I also made her clothes.
This is the ugly cook! I again made her from Fimo and made the clothes myself. I never gave her a name - she was just cook!
Here is the final photo for today. Thanks for looking and for all your lovely comments about my miniatures. Next week I will share the tea room with you.


Sandra said...

Oh it's just perfect, I have a total love of dolls houses.

Sian said...

The dolls are amazing Becky! I have dressed little dolls (I have that brilliant Venus Dodge book) but I've never made any. You have a talent.

Beverly said...

EVERY time I think they can't get any better, you blow me away! This one is spectacular :)

Jo said...

Simply gorgeous and one of my favourites so far, can't wait to see the tea room

Alison said...

The details are just perfect every time,Becky!
Alison xx