Monday 4 April 2016

Memorandum Monday

Good morning! Well what a beautiful weekend of weather we have had in Essex. I got my washing dried on the line for the FIRST time this year, so that's a first!
And Penny and I went for a training walk in the local park and found that they have created a new path which we went around for the FIRST time!
It was lovely to see the park so busy and everyone enjoying themselves in the sunshine. 
And last night I tried a new recipe for the FIRST time - lamb passanda from an old Slimming World magazine and it was lovely! Hugh and I are still going to SW every week and are maintaining our weight loss well. In fact I have now maintained for 6 months which is the longest I have ever had a stable and healthy weight!

Anyway, I hope that you have had a relaxing weekend and thanks to Sian who started this meme.


Ruth said...

I wasn't quite brave enough to hang my washing outside ... well done on maintaining your weight loss. PS: I'm wearing that jumper today!

Sian said...

We hung our washing outside..went out in the new car..and came back to a line full of even wetter washing! That's April for you, I guess.

You and Penny look glowing in that photo. It's a lovely one.

Wishing you a good week

Beverly said...

Love the photos of you and Penny when you've completed your walks. You and Hugh have set a great example and she's doing so well getting healthy.

alexa said...

Lovely to see you both looking so well and full of the joys of Spring :). You and Hugh have really achieved a lot and so glad to hear your own pleasure that it's being sustained.

Jo said...

It looks like you had a lovely weekend. Well done on maintaining your weight loss!

Melissa said...

Looks like beautiful weather & yummy food made it a great weekend! Way to go maintaining the weight loss!!