Friday 3 August 2018

And she's in!

I know! It has been months since I have blogged! Life has just been too busy but today I thought I would share with you some final pictures of Penny's annexe. She finally moved in at the beginning of July and is now truly settled.

The first room to be completely finished was the bedroom. We had a slight hiccup when I bought the extra tall wardrobe from IKEA by mistake but it fitted and Penny was thrilled to have the extra space so all was well! This is looking into the room from the hall.
And this is taken standing by the window.
The bathroom is compact and bijou! But it has everything that is needed and is just what Penny wanted.
Even down to the litter tray for the cats when they go to stay with her!
Hugh and I are very proud of the living area as we feel we really got the design perfect (well actually we are very proud of all our designs!). We spent ages with scaled down pieces of paper moving things around to make the most of a small space. This is taken standing at the doorway looking into the living room.
Penny did really well with all her interior design choices - it is really light but at the same time warm and cozy. She also has an air conditioner which has been perfect this summer!

The kitchen has so much storage space - we really have maximised every inch of space we had available.
And lastly the hall. This photo is taken standing in the living room doorway.
This photo is from the bedroom. The bathroom door is next door to the bedroom, almost opposite the front door.
So, after 5 months she is in! At times it felt like it was never going to be finished and yet at other times things happened really quickly. We were extremely lucky with our builder - he and his crew/subcontractors were superb and we could not fault any of them. Penny is extremely happy with her little home and we are too!


Ruth said...

It looks amazing and as though Penny has lived there for years! I love that the cats have a second home!

Melissa said...

Oh Becky, this turned out absolutely lovely! It's perfect - light & airy, but cozy & room for everything that's needed. So glad Penny's in and enjoying it!

Susanne said...

Wow, what a darling compact space. It appears to be very well thought out - all the necessities with a nice airy feel. I hope she really enjoys calling it home.

One silly question - I can't make out what that is on the wall over the microwave. Water heater?

Missus Wookie said...

It is a great first place - I'm all for taller shelving/units to use up that space.

So glad that Penny is in and settled :)