Thursday 17 December 2009

More of Cologne!

Been a bit busy, but haven't forgotten that I said I would post a few more piccies from our trip to Cologne.

On Sunday we were up fairly early and had a lovely buffet breakfast before setting off for the markets again. We walked through the Domplatz market again and I was able to take a photo of this lovely nativity scene - the night before I couldn't get far enough away to get it all in! At each market there was a nativity scene made with different figures - these ones were all metal. The stalls were just opening up as we walked through, but as we had seen most of them the previous evening we hot footed it to the Mediaeval market by the Chocolate Museum - have to say that I wish we had not bothered with that one and done the Chocolate Museum instead! It wasn't very good.

However, we stepped out and walked to the next one, Nuemarkt, which was brilliant. It had loads of fantastic stalls and also sold lovely food!

Here we are enjoying a Bratwurst in a roll!

And at this stall I bought gingerbread to bring back for everyone. The angel behind me was made of gingerbread - it was superb!

We then walked on to Rudolph Platz, which, again, was magical. Each cabin there had figurines on top to entertain the children, here is one of them...

This was animated and the figures moved their hammers, etc as if to fix the roof! We had another mug of Gluhwein here, lovely and warming and it gave new life to our very tired feet, which was good as we then walked on to our last market!

This one wasn't too good, not a lot to buy, mainly food, but it did have some lovely benches to sit on.

Me looking very tired!
We then had to walk all the way back! After stopping at Starbucks for a reviving cappucino and a rest on their lovely soft chairs, we eventually made our way back to the hotel to collect our case before heading back to the station to catch our train.

This time we didn't go for the ticket machine, but lined up and spoke to a lovely lady who gave us the correct ticket which only cost us €4.50 for the two of us! So yes, we did get it wrong at the ticket machine!

We ended up at the airport by 5.30pm, but our flight wasn't until 9.30pm and unfortunately there is not a lot to do at Cologne airport! We did manage to find a restaurant and have a meal and a newsagent that sold a Mail on Sunday, so we were able to do some puzzles!

We arrived back home just before midnight after a wonderful two days. I would thoroughly recommend a stay in Cologne for the markets, but make sure you have comfy shoes!

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