Monday, 25 April 2016

Memorandum Monday

And I'm back! Thank you for all your good wishes here and on Facebook. So a lot has happened in 2 weeks! The flight to Berlin.
The quirky hotel we stayed in just 5 minutes walk from the hospital. 
The operation at the clinic. I was not at all nervous on the day. I had so much confidence in my consultant and this was not misplaced.
The flight back to the UK and the excellent service from the ground crew when I needed assistance to get to the car park.

Beautiful flowers from my family in Cornwall.
And Penny and Hugh looking after me (and Ben phoning me every other day to see how I was). 

I am still on sick leave and will be seeing the GP tomorrow to see if I am fit to return to work. I have done a little bit of scrapbooking whilst I have been off but not too much as I have had trouble focusing with the swollen eyelids. 

So, what have I done for the first time? Well, I think migraine surgery can count!

And what have I learned? Well, that people can be so kind when you are not expecting it (Gatwick) and that 2 weeks can make a huge difference in your looks!
Just after the operation, 3 days after the op, today.
Joining in with Sian who had the idea for this great meme.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Migraine Surgery

So, I am off to Berlin for migraine surgery! Yes, Berlin! The consultant I am seeing privately only does his operations in his clinic in Berlin, so although I had the Botox test done in Harley Street I have to travel a little further for surgery!

So what is this all about? Well the theory, and what has proved positive in my case, is that the Botox test which I had in February effectively simulates the long-term effect of the surgical procedure and therefore determines whether I was suitable for the migraine operation or not.  So I had Botox injected into the trigger points, which for me was the corrugator muscle above the eye and the back of the neck. During the time the Botox is in my system the muscle relaxes and therefore no longer agitates the trigeminal nerve, thereby avoiding the cascade of events that can lead to migraine attacks. This isn't the case for everyone and not everyone who has the injections has a positive result. However I am one of the lucky ones and I have not had a migraine for 2 months now. This means that I am suitable for migraine surgery.

The migraine surgery will involve the surgeon making a small incision along the eyelid crease in order to remove the pain triggering muscle –  the corrugator muscle. The nerve in the muscle is neither removed nor damaged in the procedure. By removing the muscle, the nerve in the trigger area above the eyebrow cannot be stimulated and therefore migraine symptoms are eliminated.
I will also have surgery on the back of my neck to relieve pressure on a nerve located in the neck.

This will all take about 2 1/2 hours under a general anaesthetic as a day patient. Hugh and I are booked into a hotel a stones throw from the hospital in Berlin and will spend the night before the op there and return there for the night after the op and fly home the day after.

I will need 2 weeks off work to convalesce and apparently I will have a very bruised eye! I'm not sure how much scrapbooking I will get done as the stitches and clips in my neck stay in for 10 days and I am not sure if I will be able to bend my neck well to look down at the page! I've got a few videos in to watch and Penny will be at home to look after me as she has finished uni for the time being!

I will probably not post on here for the next couple of weeks as I am off this afternoon for the op tomorrow, so I will sign off for now and be back again soon.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Five Faves for March - the photos

So here we are in April already! I am really enjoying scrapbooking this year and am looking forward to scrapping my holiday photos from our recent trip to Lincoln as well as these five photos which are just some of my favourite photos from March.
This is me with Penny and the wonderful angel food cake she made me for Mother's Day.

And Ben came home on the weekend of Mother's Day to spend the day with me which was lovely. 

Penny snapped this photo of me and Hugh whilst we were on holiday in Lincoln! We had had a busy day lol! I think it is so funny that I asked her to send it to me for me to scrap!

Penny and I have been exercising a lot getting ready for our Colour Run in July. This was snapped after a 3 mile walk/jog whilst we were on holiday. 

And my final photo for March was this one I snapped in the car on our way home from Lincoln. We had stopped for a quick break so I decided to take this one to end our holiday. 

So there we are. My five favourite photos from March. It was so difficult to choose this month! Thanks for looking!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Memorandum Monday

Good morning! Well what a beautiful weekend of weather we have had in Essex. I got my washing dried on the line for the FIRST time this year, so that's a first!
And Penny and I went for a training walk in the local park and found that they have created a new path which we went around for the FIRST time!
It was lovely to see the park so busy and everyone enjoying themselves in the sunshine. 
And last night I tried a new recipe for the FIRST time - lamb passanda from an old Slimming World magazine and it was lovely! Hugh and I are still going to SW every week and are maintaining our weight loss well. In fact I have now maintained for 6 months which is the longest I have ever had a stable and healthy weight!

Anyway, I hope that you have had a relaxing weekend and thanks to Sian who started this meme.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Five faves for February - the layouts

Thought I had this scheduled to post yesterday but turns out I must have dreamed it as I hadn't even written the post lol!

This month I have actually done 5 layouts as I felt each photo deserved its own page.
What can I say - a very silly cat! Loved digging through my stash to find some old papers and embellishments to use.
Used up some kit papers I had to do this layout. I liked the fact that the background paper was wooden boards as the photo was taken when Hugh helped Ben to lay his new wood flooring.
These papers are from an autumn kit I had, but the colours went perfectly with mine and Hugh's jumpers and it got some more kits used up!
This is my favourite layout of the group. Love the papers, the embellishments and most of all the photo of my Mum and Dad messing about.
And so to the last layout about my Botox injection trial. And now I can let you know that the trial worked and I will be going to have the operation on Monday 11th April! It is a bit more complex than I thought but I will let you know all about that on another post before then!

Thanks for looking and yet again thanks to Jo for the idea to scrap your 5 favourite photos!