Saturday, 25 March 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Review of my 15 in 50

So, what did I actually get up to in 2016 - did I manage to do all those things I had listed?

This was my list:
1.    Long weekend to Venice - went and had THE most fantastic time with Hugh.
2.    See my first ballet - went with Wendy and Sue - brilliant and magical.
3.    Last night of the proms in Hyde Park - this didn't happen, but I replaced it with going up to 
       London with Penny to do the BJG Dream Jar Trail which was great fun.
4.    Cinema in the park - again this didn't happen but I replaced it with going to my first UK
       wrestling show which I went to with Penny and Wendy.
5.    Top of the Shard with Hugh, Penny, Ben and Amy - what a fun time we had, followed by dinner
       at TGI' Fridays'.
6.    Theatre with Hugh - another one I changed - we did actually went to Mauritius instead!
7.    Theatre with Penny - we saw Les Mis and I could go back a hundred times and still enjoy it!
8.    Holland on Sea and walk to Frinton with Hugh and Penny - another no goer but instead I
       swapped this for being driven by Penny for the first time in the car we bought her.
9.    Cinema with Wendy at least twice - we sawGirl on the Train and Ab Fab.
10.  Colour Run with Penny - Hugh drove us to Penshurst Place and we completed the 5k in just 
       under an hour, got covered in powder paint and had a ball!
11.  Afternoon tea at the Anchor - actually doubled up on this one, having afternoon tea with number
      15 on my list.
12.  Meet up with my college friends - oh goodness this was fun! Met up in December - 5 of the
       'girls' and 5 of the 'boys'. We hadn't all been together for 30 years but honestly it could have
       been 30 minutes we all got on so well together.
13.  Read at least one book each month - I read and read this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.
14.  At least one day out with Wendy and Sue - we went to the ballet and we also went to a craft
       show together and had a Christmas meal. Intend to do more this year though and have 3 
       days booked already!
15.  Meet up with my school friends, Jane and Ann - my 2 besties from school and we still get on
       like best friends. A wonderful afternoon having the most delicious tea and just talking non-stop.

And here are a few photos illustrating some of the fun things I got up to in 2016 - the year I turned 50.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Why a return to blogging?

When I gave up my blog my life was in a bit of turmoil and I really didn’t feel the love for the blog anymore. It was becoming a trial to do it and yet I felt compelled to post something even when I didn’t really feel that I had anything to post. In short I had lost interest. Although I was happy at work, sitting at a desk all day typing letters meant that when I got home or at the weekend the last thing I wanted to do was sit at the computer and type yet more words.  I was still really recovering from my surgery (which actually took a lot longer to recover from than I had anticipated) and just didn’t have the energy. Penny was struggling with her depression and anxiety. Hugh wasn’t happy in his work and then his Mum got sick and sadly passed away in September. This all added up to that ‘I can’t really be bothered with it’ feeling.
So, why am I restarting it now? Well, I was invited to attend the Bloggers weekend in September by the lovely Alison and when I accepted it made me feel a bit sad to think that I no longer blogged. Could I start it up again? Had I got the energy and inclination?
Well, what really then turned things around was that I applied to reduce my hours at work and from the beginning of April I will no longer be working on a Friday and Penny suggested to me that I could use some of my Friday to write my blog! What a great idea! I am now quite excited to start blogging again. I blogged not only to share my scrapbooking etc but also as a record for me of my life - I used to keep a diary but no longer do that. OK, I have got my scrapbooks, but I did enjoy blogging in the past.  
So, from the beginning of April I will be regularly posting – initially once a week on a Saturday. 

This will be called Spotlight Saturday so I will write the post on a Friday to publish on a Saturday. I will be focussing on what I have been up to over the past week; this may include my scrapbooking, what I’ve been up to around the home, any holidays I may have been on or days out I have had or just what has been going on in my life.

I do hope that you will rejoin me and to kick off I will be doing a recap post very shortly on my 15 in 50 from last year. These were the 15 activities I wanted to complete during the year I turned 50. I did manage to do 15 activities and I will let you know (briefly!) how they all went. So please join me for that and then on Saturday 1st April and every Friday thereafter for Spotlight Saturday!

And oh yes, Penny is in a much better place now (actually really flourishing at the moment) and Hugh was offered and accepted a new job last week so things are on the up!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Relaunch of my blog - watch this space!