Saturday, 14 October 2017

Spotlight Saturday - a book box unboxing!

This weekend I have something different for you. A video! I have done an unboxing of my box of books and other goodies from And....Relax Book Boxes.

You can find the book boxes here at And...Relax Book Boxes.

This is not a sponsored review and I have not been paid. It is my own personal review and I purchased the box after reading their web site and having purchased previously their Bargain Box - which really is a bargain and I can highly recommend that too!

Off to read a new book now and enjoy a coffee and some sweets then do some colouring lol!

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Hugh's hobby!

So, Alexa left this comment on my post last week:
"I was intrigued to read about 'our' crafting - what does Hugh do?" and I it made me think that I don't think I have ever shared wtih you what Hugh's hobby actually is. You probably know that he is mad on trains - after all, every holiday we go on in the UK has to include a steam railway! And for his special birthday 2 years ago he got to drive a steam train!

But the steam trains he likes the best are Great Western Railway trains. And to be able to carry on that love, he has a model railway! Well, he has a model railway in the making! For as long as we have been married he has been collecting trucks, coaches and engines for his GWR model railway and before that, as a child, he had a train set. Now that 'train set' has its own, rather large, shed!

The track was completely laid about 10 years ago, but in a different shed. We then needed that shed for more mundane uses, so we bought Hugh this much larger shed and he started again! There is quite a bit of track laid, and he is working on the scenery now too.
This shows some of the track and scenery, atlhough the backscene needs to be redone
Hugh loves to build and paint the models to go onto the layout, the houses, church, school, station, gas works and so on.
This modelling he actually does indoors, at his craft table and then when it is finished it is taken up to the shed to be put into place.
He even paints the figures - painting their clothes and features - such tiny details!
As you can see, there is still quite a lot of work to be done on the shed and it is a large shed! But Hugh is quite happy pottering about up there and if it is ever finished he can then run the trains around the tracks!
He also builds engines, coaches and trucks and then repaints them to GWR colours. His craft trolley is actually a second hand tea trolley with fold out leaves. That means that we can roll it out of the lounge when we have guests! And he is NOT a tidy crafter - which makes me feel better lol!
This is his latest project - a snow plough coach which he basically created from scratch. Scratch building is one of his favourite hobbies, whether buildings or rolling stock - he has quite a few 'projects' on the go! 

So when I say 'our crafting' that is what Hugh is doing.Thank you Alexa for asking! Hope you all have a relaxing weekend - Hugh and I will be crafting :)

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Spotlight Saturday - My Week

This week has been a bit stressful, but we had some fun times too.

Saturday ...
Penny found some jeans from her 'before healthy eating/exercising' and was thrilled to see how much weight she had lost (and continues to lose!).

Sunday ...
Hugh and I were relaxing doing our crafting when I realised how lovely and sunny it was outside so we went for a walk in the park.

Monday ...
Penny and I try to go for a 30 minute walk every day when I get in from work. It was raining but it didn't stop us! We just used a brolly and wrapped up warm (it was so cold too!).

Tuesday ...
Ben is working in Cambrdige and living in temporary accommodation so he tried commuting back to Wickford to see if it would be possible for him to do that until he and Amy sell their house. So I got to spend an evening with him which was lovely!

Wednesday ...
Penny had a job rejection this week and her depression kicked in. To make herself feel better she bought ME some crafty goodness from the £1 shop!

Thursday ...
I caught up on some reading. I have nearly finished this book. It is missing the corner but I got it for £1 in Waterstones sale so I am not complaining! Only about 75 pages to go now - didn't want to put it down and go to sleep!

Friday ...

Penny got her MA results last week - she got a distinction! We are so proud of her. We wanted to take her out for a meal to celebrate but unfortunately I was poorly last week, so it got postponed to this week! We took some photos in the garden before we went to our favourite Chinese buffet and had a wonderful meal.

So that was my week! Hope that yours was a good one and that you have a relaxing weekend. I am off to see my parents - taking books and chutney - and looking forward to spending some time with them. See you next week!