Monday, 8 February 2016

Monday Memorandum

So this weekend I travelled up to Harley Street with Hugh to learn if a procedure I had read about online might be suitable for my migraines.

I had done a 'migraine compass', completed a very thorough questionnaire and then had a half hour consultation with the most charming and confidence inspiring doctor I think I have ever met. 

It appears that I may be suitable for an operation to remove a small section of the corrugator muscle which brings relief to the trigeminal nerve. In order to test the theory (and save myself from having unnecessary surgery) I was today injected with Botox into the corrugator muscle. I've now got to wait for a month to see if I have 75% or more improvement in my symptoms. If I do then I then have to make the decision if I want to go ahead with the surgery. If it works I think I will as it will improve my life considerably. 
Slight bruising above the right eyebrow where the injection went in

So please keep your fingers crossed for me!

And did you know that Botox doesn't actually start to work for 5 days once it has been injected? I learned a whole load of interesting information this weekend!

Oh yes, and after the consultation Hugh and I had a lovely Italian meal.
I am joining in with Sian and her Memorandum Monday - do hop on over to her blog to see what she has learned this weekend and also find the links to others.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Five faves for January 2016 - the photos

So here we are with my five favourite photos from January. And the first one up was taken on New Year's Day when my friend Wendy spent the day with us. Although I say 'my' friend I have known her for so long now that she is a friend of the family! Used the selphie stick for this one!
My next two photos will go on the same page - my trip to see The Nutcracker. Just loved this Christmas tree of ballet shoes.
And then as we were walking back to the station we stopped and took this selphie!
Penny and I are working towards doing a 5k in July - I will power walk and she may run it! This was a lovely Friday afternoon walk - it was bitterly cold but so nice that the sun was out and we had blue skies after all the rain!

And lastly this one of Hugh! He was helping me with my photo a day for the #sistersphotochallenge on Instagram. One of the prompts was ice and when we went out to Slimming World one Saturday there was ice on my car so to make it obvious he drew a face in the ice and then grinned inanely in the photo!
So there you have it. My five favourite photos for January. I need to get them printed out and then I can start scrapping them! Hoping to spend some time on Sunday afternoon. Hope you all have good weekend.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Five faves for December - the layouts

Although these photos were all taken in December I didn't want to use Christmas papers for all of them. It was also nice to use non-Christmas papers after having spent a month doing my journal!
I was pleased that these papers had just the right orange in them to go with the flash of orange in the poster. 
As this was a Christmas meal I caved in and used Christmas papers! They and the embellishments were gathere from my stash where they had been sitting for quite a while!
And again, having found some old stash and as it was on my desk, I used it for another Christmas meal photo. 
My final layout I reverted back to 'normal' papers and used some embossing paste through a leaf stencil and then rubbed distress ink over the leaves. Bo is my nickname and what Hugh calls me most of the time. 
And so that is the end of my five faves for 2015. Really looking forward to doing the same again in 2016 especially as I don't intend to do a monthly project life spread this year. 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

JYC - 31st to the final pages!

So, just getting in before January ends, here are the last few pages of my journal. For the run up to the 31st I inserted a lovely acetate page with all this gold on which allows you a peek through to the page behind.
I was working on New Year's Eve and came home with a headache. We decided to go for a walk and got halfway round and the heavens opened! When we got home we were drenched but I wanted to make sure we got a last selphie of 2015 so took this photo - and I'll let you in on a secret - I am not wearing any trousers! My jeans were soaking and so I took them off to dry! I think I will do a full page spread to tell this story properly.
And then we are in 2016. I always like to finish my journals with the first day of the New Year. My friend Wendy joined us for dinner and spent the afternoon with us which was lovely.

We used the selphie stick again and I just love this photo! (And I had trousers on - that is why we are laughing so much as I had just told Wendy the story above.)

Penny made us the most delicious and decadent chocolate cheesecake - last blow out before getting back on plan with Slimming World!

And then I finish up every journal with a collage of photos from throughout the year.

The final word - my hopes for 2016.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking through my journal with me. Thanks for hanging in there - it took a time to post it all! I'll be back with another one next year no doubt.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Five Faves for November - the layouts

Well, I have actually completed November and December's layouts, but today I will share November's - just sneaking in before the end of January!

Now I know that I have used an owl on a layout about a kitten, but I had no kitten embellishments and this owl was just too cute not to use!

This paper was perfect to use for a layout all about visiting the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts Show with Wendy and Sue.
Not one of my favourite layouts, but the photo has been scrapped and the story told and that is the important thing!

And this is probably one of my faves - my two offspring with me!

I will be back very shortly with my layouts for December, but before that I need to choose my five fave photos from January as I really do like this idea and think I will carry on in 2016.