Monday, 14 April 2014

Tough Mudder

Last year Ben and his two friends, Matt and Colin, signed up to compete in Tough Mudder - a ridiculous marathon, come obstacle course, come army assault course. And of course they did it in fancy dress!

We were not able to be there, but Colin's Dad, Peter (our good friend) was and took lots of photos (good man!).
 They are intending to do it again this year! Fools! But they did have great fun.

This paper and the embellishments were perfect for creating this page. I had a lot of fun throwing quite a few embellishments from one pack onto one page!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Afternoon tea

So on Sunday I had my first fun event of April and went out to afternoon tea with my friend Wendy and 7 of her friends.
Wendy celebrates a special birthday this year, but as it is on Christmas Eve, when most people don't want to go out and celebrate a birthday, she decided to have a year of celebrations instead!
Here is Wendy with an early birthday card!

The china on the table was so pretty, as were the flowers, which we found out were artificial!

The starfish and seashells in the frames made a very pretty background for the photos.

The cakes and sandwiches were absolutely delicious, as were the scones and cream!

We also each had a mini trifle with a Madeleine cake. For such small portions I got very full, very quickly!
Another shot of pretty china.
Wendy with two of her friends. I am hoping that the friend on the left will forward on to Wendy the photo she took of me, Wendy and Sue as I didn't get any of the three of us and, of course, will need that to complete the scrapbook page I intend to do!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Throwback Thursday

Well, a slight throwback, to this time last year when we were on holiday in Shropshire. I have finally finished scrapping the photos and using up some kits at the same time.

I also used some new papers that I purchased - loving this paper from Maggie Holmes and the ephemera pack too.

A close up of the journalling on this one.

And unusually for me, I made two cards with the scraps I had left over!
Thank you for your kind words about my sister. She ended up having two stents put in as she was found to have a very narrow artery (congenital) which was causing all the problems. She is now back home and hopefully will start to feel better soon.

I have a busy April coming up, with lots to look forward to. I have afternoon tea to celebrate Wendy's birthday, a week in Wales with Ben, Penny and Hugh, including a trip to the Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff and a trip on the Gwilli Steam Railway, the Easter break and a get together with Wendy and Sue to do some crafting. It all starts this weekend with the afternoon tea. Wishing you a happy and fun filled April and a relaxing weekend.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekend recap

Phew! I've come back to work for a rest lol!

Saturday morning saw us up and out of the house by 7.50am to collect a transit van. When we had collected the van we drove back to our house to collect the corner piece of Ben's sofa and then the three of us (that is me, Penny and Hugh) squished into the front seats of the van and set off for Lower Earley.

We arrived with Ben at 11am and deposited the corner section in his living room, then Hugh and Penny piled back into the van, whilst I got the comfort of driving with Ben whilst we went to his old flat.

Cleaning, more cleaning, more cleaning and touching up the paintwork then followed!

Just before the final vacuuming, we moved the last bits of furniture down to the street to take back to our house as it is furniture Ben no longer needs.

Tired but feeling very accomplished with what we had achieved, we went back to Ben's house and he treated us to Kentucky Fried Chicken for our evening meal!

We left him just after 6pm and eventually got home, having dropped the van off, at 9.20pm. We were totally exhausted!
Sunday, of course, the clocks changed and we lost an hour which we could really have done with! Hugh was a sweetheart though and went out and bought me two croissant as a treat for breakfast for Mothering Sunday.

I had a lovely card and present from each of my children and after doing catchup jobs in the morning, I was able to spend the afternoon scrapbooking and I was on fire! I did five layouts! Here are three of them, all made with the March kit from SJ Crafts.

Penny and Hugh then put together a lovely buffet tea, followed by the most delicious lemon cake made by Penny.

So, although we were very tired at the end of the weekend, it was very productive and lovely to spend it together.

On the health front, my sister is now in hospital! It never rains but it pours with my family. She was taken in with chest pains on Friday and is still in waiting to have an angiogram. We are hoping that it is nothing too serious and wishing her a speedy recovery.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Simply a Moment - March 2014

As I sweep round the corner in my car I see the glow of brake lights ahead and slowly bring my car to a halt. 

I glance at the dashboard clock – 7.52am, hopefully I’ll still get to work on time. The traffic is stationary. My wiper blades glide back and forth across the screen clearing the rain away. So different from yesterday when it was beautiful sunshine. I put the handbrake on and glance in my rear view mirror – the queue of cars behind me is getting longer and the queue ahead stretches as far as the eye can see. Has there been an accident or is it just the usual queue at this point on the A12? As I think this the traffic inches forward. I release the brake, move forward ten feet and become motionless again.  The story CD I am listening to is interrupted by the traffic news – I listen attentively but there is no mention of my stretch of the A12, it must just be the weather and the weight of traffic. I sigh and settle myself more comfortably into the seat and decide I might just as well enjoy listening to the story! 

We creep forward a little more and then suddenly the traffic clears and I pick up speed. I will make it to work on time after all!

I'm joining Alexa over at Trimming the Sails who is hosting the monthly meme - Simply a Moment.