Monday, 18 August 2014

Me on Monday

This weekend I have been....

driving over 300 miles; enjoying time at Cadbury World with Hugh, Penny, Ben and Amy; eating too much chocolate; laughing with my family; pleased to hear that my father-in-law is back out of hospital again; saying goodbye to Hugh as he flies to Germany for two nights; finding some time to make a start on a mini book for Penny's Canada photos.
This week I am looking forward to meeting up with Wendy and Sue to craft together on Tuesday night, watching the Great British Bake Off with Penny, welcoming Hugh back home for one night before he is off again (only to Slough this time though!) and finishing work on Friday at 12.15pm when I am then off for a week! We are not going anywhere, just taking some time at home to recharge the batteries and get some jobs done around the house. I also hope to be able to catch up on some blog reading and commenting as that seems to have gone to pot a bit recently!

What have you been up to over the weekend? Anything to look forward to this week?

Me on Monday is a meme suggested by Sian.

And here I am on Monday, with Willow!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A holiday in Crete

We had the most wonderfully relaxing week in Crete, back in July. And I realised the other day that I hadn't shared any photos with you! So, this is a rather photo heavy post!
 Hugh at the hotel with the view to the sea
 Evening view of the pool from our balcony
 We visited Heraklion Archaeological Museum - me with some Minoan pottery
 Hugh at the museum with some Roman statuery
 We took walks along by the sea

 We ate LOTS of delicious food
 We watched the sun set every evening from the taverna whilst eating the delicious food
 We went for a ride on the little road train
 We visited the Palace at Knossos and had a guided tour
 We found some shade at Knossos and used the self timer!
 We watched another sunset!
 I drank a complimentary glass of ouzo every night

 We swam in the pool at the hotel
We swam in the sea
 We visited the Creteaquarium
 We took a selfie and tried to get the shark in it too (just)!
Hugh took a photo of me with the sunset in the background
We used the timer again on our last night on our balcony

And because I can, because it's my blog, here is another sunset photo!
(not the best, but I still like it!)

No doubt these photos (and more) will be showing up on my scrapbook pages when I get some time to start scrapping again. That's the problem with summer - too much time is taken up with making the memories to scrap, that I don't have the time to scrap! Actually, I have been having a great summer making memories and will love reliving them during the cold, grey winter months when I will have plenty of time to scrap!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Me on Monday

This weekend I have been....

spending time with Wendy, visiting Ickworth House and Gardens,
taking 193 photos(!),

eating a picnic in the sunshine, helping Hugh to put a new sideboard together (for my scrapping stash!) and enjoying some family time.

No photo of me today. Today I visited my colleague and very good friend who is very poorly. All I shall say is that I will be wearing this:
 and keeping my toes painted this colour:
for the foreseeable future. I don't want to share her name here - her battle is her own private affair, but please keep her in your prayers. Thank you.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sian's Pile of Postcards Exchange

As soon as I saw Sian's post about the exchange I signed up! I love receiving happy mail and what better to receive in the summer than postcards!

I knew that I would be going to Crete on holiday, so bought my six postcards (plus one for Sian of course!) and wrote them whilst on holiday, but decided to post them once I returned home as I wasn't sure of my Greek to buy the correct stamps!

I've been seeing my cards pop up on blogs, so I am happy to see that they have arrived. I have received all six of mine too! I received one.... then another.... then four on one day!
I received a card from Barbara all the way from the Smoky Mountains in Tennesse, a card from Buxton - Alexa of course! Abi sent me a card from her trip to the Imperial War museum. Another card from the States from another Barbara(!), this time though from Nashville. A card from Paris from Lea and finally another from the UK from Nicola in Whitstable.

I have put all the cards up in my scrapbooking area.
Now I can see them whilst I am doing my scrapbooking and be reminded of the lovely friends I have made all over the world through this blog. Blog friends are great! However, the hashtag we have been using on Instagram for this exchange was probably not the best!  #sianspileofpostcardsexchange

Thank you Sian for organising this! You do come up with some great ideas :)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A visit to Canterbury

Penny gets on very well with my friend Wendy, who gets on very well with Penny! Wendy had expressed a desire to visit Canterbury to see Penny's flat and for Penny to show her around. So we got out the diaries and on Saturday we made it happen!

I drove us down there, we parked up at Penny's flat, gave Wendy the 'grand tour' and then walked into the City centre.

Penny had made a wonderful sausage and egg pie (gala pie), followed by her special triple chocolate mega muffins! We sat by the river in Westgate Gardens and soaked up the sun and enjoyed the food.

Then Penny took us on a tour round to the Cathedral.
 These were taken standing on a bridge near the Marlowe Theatre, looking from one side and then the other.
This mask was outside the theatre.
And this photo, with Wendy in, puts the size of the mask into perspective.
Penny and Wendy on a different bridge!
The Cathedral. A view I will never tire of. I must have taken this shot at least a dozen times in the past year!
A shot of the cloisters - the light was coming in beautifully.
Leaving the Cathedral grounds on our way back to the flat to collect the car.
It was a really lovely day out and I am pleased to say that Wendy thoroughly enjoyed herself!

And writing all of this reminded me that I haven't shared any stories or photos (apart from the Scavenger Hunt ones) of our trip to Crete this year! I will remedy that soon.