Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Rhinda’s 2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt

Today I am linking up with Rinda with her Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.

So are you joining in this year? I joined in last year and had such great fun! The whole family ended up taking part, with Ben finding me a mascot in Seattle and Penny finding me a waterfall at Niagara. Hugh was also a great help whilst we were on holiday, pointing out suitable photo opportunities.

I have made a start and  my first photo opportunity, which was, suitably enough, for item number 1, was a bouquet of flowers. I was in Tesco's shopping and noticed all the bouquets sitting there just waiting for me to photograph them!
 I then left work and was given two bouquets, so now I have a choice!

My next find was whilst I was sitting on a bench outside the station waiting to meet Penny. I glanced up and realised I could see the British Telecom building with a cellular tower/satellite dishes on it.
It's not the best photo, so if I find better I will replace it.

My third find was on the way to college. I got off the bus and realised that the bus stopped just before a set of traffic signals.
My fourth and fifth finds were both on the way/at Hever Castle on Sunday. I turned round in the car to find Penny plugged into her iPod and playing games on her phone - she caught me looking and smiled!
And finally, on my way out of Hever Castle I suddenly realised that there was a wonderful ticket booth.
I do have one extra photo, which I took at Tropical Wings. It is of what we, in the UK, call a tortoise. Will it do for the turtle on the list?
I will be adding my photos to the tab at the top of this page, which is where I had my 2014 photos, as well as adding them as posts to my blog. I will probably continue to post them to Instagram too, where you can find me as beckyg1 – please ask me to add you if you are not already a follower. There is also a Facebook page, which is very active.

So, if you haven’t taken part, what is it all about? Well, the best idea is for you to hop on over to Rinda’s blog where you will find all the details.

All it leaves me to say is have fun with your photography over this summer!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Me on Monday

This weekend has been an extension of my birthday type of weekend....a visiting Hever Castle and Gardens...celebrating with my extended family in Hemel.....revising medical terminology sort of weekend!

I have always wanted to visit Hever and it didn't disappoint.

On Sunday we went over to my Mum and Dad's. and my sister and her family joined us for a slice of birthday cake made by Penny!
And in my free time, it has been study, study, study! I am enjoying my course, but it is quite hard work now!

Oh yes, but I did manage to finish knitting my shawl in time to take away with me on my holiday!

Waving to Sian, whose idea this was.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are able to enjoy some of the promised sunshine this week (if you are in the UK that is!).

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A quick catch up!

Last weekend went by super fast! Ben arrived home Friday evening for the weekend, so I had both children in the house which was lovely.

First thing Saturday found Hugh and me up at Slimming World. I am now on the 'social team' and log everyone in and take their money as they arrive. Hugh runs the 'corner shop' selling recipe books, the magazine and HiFi Bars! We also help set up and put away. I was thrilled to get my 2 stone award - Hugh was 1lb off his!

After lunch Ben had promised to take us out for the afternoon as an early Father's Day treat for Hugh. We went to Tropical Wings in South Woodham Ferrers. Ben, Penny and I had been there before, but it was a first for Hugh. We had a wonderful afternoon, even though it ended up raining! Here are a few photos.

Saturday evening saw us entertaining our friends Gillian and Andrew from Southend. We get together a couple of times a year for a meal and a catch up. I prepared a full Slimming World meal (not going to waste all that effort I've put in!) and thankfully they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sunday morning we had a relaxed time - Hugh had his presents and cards from Ben and Penny and took it easy. Just before lunch Penny went off to watch one of her wrestling matches. Ben stayed for lunch and then Amy collected him at 3pm to take him back to Reading. Hugh and I then settled down to spend some time on our hobbies. I completed a layout I had started at my crop earlier in the week and did a couple more for my five faves. Here are the two I did at my crop.

I made up a couple of kits from old stash and am quite pleased with the results. The 'rings' of gold on the bottom layout are one of my favourite things, which resulted from a mistake! I was intending to do a light misting of spray and held the container too close! As I liked what I got I repeated it!

Monday and Tuesday I was back to college. It is getting quite heavy going now, like a crash course in GCSE Biology!
And today? Well today is my birthday, so I am taking the day off and Penny and I are going out for lunch. Hugh should be home at a reasonable time, so Penny is cooking me a birthday supper and I shall open my presents and cards then.

I hope that you had a good weekend and that you are having an enjoyable week!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Totally inspired by...

... this post on Deb's blog today.

So I decided to take the prompts and complete them myself.

Feeling relaxed and happy now that I have quit my job and started my training course.

Loving that I have had Ben and Penny at home for two weekends in June.

Reading  'When Good Friends Go Bad' by Ellie Campbell. A story about the bonds of friendship from secondary school to 12 years on and how when they reunite there are some exciting outcomes.

Drinking lots of water and sugar free squash to help with my weight loss.

Anticipating our holiday to France.

Listening to Eclipse on CD in my car - unabridged story. I've read the book and seen the film, but still enjoy listening to the talking book.

Watching  NCIS series 12, the rest of my favourite series have finished for the summer.

Planning a day out for my birthday at Hever Castle.

Looking forward to an afternoon out at Tropical Wings tomorrow with Hugh, Ben and Penny.

Creating scrapbook pages using old papers and new kits.

Need to finish knitting my shawl before our holiday as I want to take it to wear in the evenings!

Wishing for a job as a medical secretary when I have finished my course.

Main goal to continue to be as relaxed and happy as I am now.

Thank you Deb for your post. I might make this a regular monthly event!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Not a favourite of Hugh's!

This is a layout I completed a couple of weeks ago. It's a scraplift from one I had seen on a blog, but as per usual I have forgotten which blog! On the one I saw there was stitching on all the paper segments, but as it is not easy for me to get to my sewing machine I did 'pretend' sewing'! I actually pricked holes round all the edges of the paper pieces and then joined them up with a fine black pen.
I quite like the effect, but my thumb and finger were really sore by the time I had finished pricking all the holes through!

Hugh didn't pose for this photo. I knew what raki tasted like and knew that he wouldn't like the flavour so was waiting with the camera poised to photograph his reaction.... and it was a classic one!

Looking forward to this weekend as Ben is home for an unexpected visit and I will be relaxing after the past four weeks and celebrating my release from my job! Hope that whatever you are up to you have a nice weekend.