Saturday, 12 August 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Cornwall

Oops! No blog post last weeekend, sorry about that! We actually were in Cornwall visiting Hugh's sister. We left here Thursday evening and drove as far as Frome and stayed in the Premier Inn there. The room was fine - the receptionist and the lack of breakfast not so! However, we went on Trip Advisor and found the most fantastic little cafe attached to a farm shop and had a brilliant fry-up - not something I would usually do!

We got down to the house just after midday.

We had a nice time relaxing and chatting with Hugh's sister and husband over some lunch then Hugh and I popped to Trago Mills to do a little bit of shopping. We always try to drop in when we are down there as there are usually bargains to be found! I managed to get 30 page protectors for my 12x12 albums and 2 packs of Thickers for a ridiculously cheap amount!

Saturday dawned sunny - yes! Sunny in Cornwall! A complete miracle for us! We have a lazy morning and then in the afternoon went up to Minions for a walk on the moor to Gold Diggings - a walk we used to do with the children when they were little. We were accompanied by Hugh's sister, niece and the dog Ruby!

Gold Diggings


Walking across the moor
In the evening we went into Liskeard to 'Daddios' for a really nice meal with Hugh's sister and husband - no photos I'm afraid - too busy eating!

Sunday it was still sunny and after a leisurely breakfast we packed up the car and left just before lunchtime. We had a really easy journey home and dropped in on Ben and Amy for a cup of coffee which was really nice.

This weekend it is Ben's birthday so we are back down to Reading with Penny and my parents to help him celebrate with a barbecue. I hope that whatever you are up to this weekend it is relaxing and enjoyable.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Spotlight Saturday - My week

For a change, a quick look at what I have been up to this week:

Saturday after Slimming World (lost 1lb of the 3 I had put on during my holiday!) Hugh and I went to Lakeside. I finally got to spend a voucher I had been given for Christmas and spent it all on books - most of them in the sale in Waterstones!

Sunday Hugh and I prepped lunches for the beginning of the week and then both spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying our crafts. I created 5 layouts!

Monday - I took a day off to prepare page kits for the Bloggers Weekend I am going to at the beginning of September. Really enjoyed doing this!

Tuesday Penny and I went to yoga in the evening. We usually go on Thursdays but that wasn't possible for me this week.

Wednesday was just a day of work in the office followed by a basket full of ironing in the evening!

Thursday after work I went out with my colleagues as one of us, Kathy, is leaving to move to Lowestoft so we had a farewell meal - she is the one wearing the white top.

Friday is my day off, which I love! I get all the chores done (including removing my gel nail varnish ready for redoing them tomorrow!) leaving the weekend free for us to do those jobs that never get done usually or just to relax

So that's my week in 7 photos! Hope you have had a good week too!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Spotlight on Sanditon

About a month ago I saw a photo here on Instagram from Ruth and it intrigued me. See also her blog post here and Julie Kirk's blog post here who co-hosted the 'Summertime Jane Austen Book Club'.

I have always loved reading Jane Austen and as I hadn't read this book I decided to join in. I managed to find a second hand copy on Amazon and threw it in my suitcase to take on holiday.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Did I notice where 'Another Lady' took over? No. However, having said that I don't know if it was because I had got back into the 'Jane Austen' style by Chapter 11 (when Another Lady took over) or whether it was because her style was slightly different, but I did find that I enjoyed the book much more from then on.  

It was very much in the Jane Austen style and although I haven't read her for a few years I really enjoyed the plot and the characters - in fact I became very engaged with the characters and wanted the heroine to find her hero and the villain to get his come upppance. Whether they did nor not I will not tell, just in case you want to read it too!

If you fancy looking on Instagram for comments about the book then these are the hashtags:

And on that note, if you do fancy reading this then let me know and the first person to ask for it I will 'sanditonalong' (see what I did theree!!) to you in the post - UK only though I am afraid as it is a hard back so to post abroad will be prohibitive!