Thursday, 24 April 2014

Simply a Moment - April 14

I am standing in the dark. It is not just dark, but completely pitch black. I cannot see my hand in front of my face. The walls around me are rocky and damp, the floor beneath my feet uneven and slippery. Laughter suddenly drifts up the tunnel towards me. Ben and Penny have gone to explore to the end of the tunnel and find the cave. More laughter and then a flash bounces off the walls. They are taking selfies as I asked them too - well I have scrapbooking in mind! Hugh has gone back towards the entrance, his claustrophobia getting the better of him. I hear Ben and Penny chatting. My heart swells with happiness to hear them getting on so well together. I think to myself that I must remember this moment and that makes me think of Simply a Moment and I know what I will record once I get back to the cottage. Their voices are coming closer now and their torch light is bouncing off the rocky walls as they approach. 'We took selfies for you!' Penny calls as she gets nearer 'and I took a photo of Ben in a hole!' It is wonderful to see them enjoying themselves and letting go of inhibitions even though they are young adults now. Suddenly they are with me again and there is light around me, we head off together to find Hugh.

This month I am joining in with Alexa at Trimming the Sails to record a moment in my life. Mine was recorded at Careg Cennen Castle in South Wales whilst we were on holiday last week.

Please hop on over to Alexa's blog to read her moment and find the links to many more.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Great trip to Wales

Last week I travelled to Wales for our first family holiday with the four of us in eight years.

We stayed here:

With this view:
Hugh and I slept in this bedroom:

And I had great fun with these three:
More details of where we went and what we got up to, to follow soon!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Tough Mudder

Last year Ben and his two friends, Matt and Colin, signed up to compete in Tough Mudder - a ridiculous marathon, come obstacle course, come army assault course. And of course they did it in fancy dress!

We were not able to be there, but Colin's Dad, Peter (our good friend) was and took lots of photos (good man!).
 They are intending to do it again this year! Fools! But they did have great fun.

This paper and the embellishments were perfect for creating this page. I had a lot of fun throwing quite a few embellishments from one pack onto one page!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Afternoon tea

So on Sunday I had my first fun event of April and went out to afternoon tea with my friend Wendy and 7 of her friends.
Wendy celebrates a special birthday this year, but as it is on Christmas Eve, when most people don't want to go out and celebrate a birthday, she decided to have a year of celebrations instead!
Here is Wendy with an early birthday card!

The china on the table was so pretty, as were the flowers, which we found out were artificial!

The starfish and seashells in the frames made a very pretty background for the photos.

The cakes and sandwiches were absolutely delicious, as were the scones and cream!

We also each had a mini trifle with a Madeleine cake. For such small portions I got very full, very quickly!
Another shot of pretty china.
Wendy with two of her friends. I am hoping that the friend on the left will forward on to Wendy the photo she took of me, Wendy and Sue as I didn't get any of the three of us and, of course, will need that to complete the scrapbook page I intend to do!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Throwback Thursday

Well, a slight throwback, to this time last year when we were on holiday in Shropshire. I have finally finished scrapping the photos and using up some kits at the same time.

I also used some new papers that I purchased - loving this paper from Maggie Holmes and the ephemera pack too.

A close up of the journalling on this one.

And unusually for me, I made two cards with the scraps I had left over!
Thank you for your kind words about my sister. She ended up having two stents put in as she was found to have a very narrow artery (congenital) which was causing all the problems. She is now back home and hopefully will start to feel better soon.

I have a busy April coming up, with lots to look forward to. I have afternoon tea to celebrate Wendy's birthday, a week in Wales with Ben, Penny and Hugh, including a trip to the Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff and a trip on the Gwilli Steam Railway, the Easter break and a get together with Wendy and Sue to do some crafting. It all starts this weekend with the afternoon tea. Wishing you a happy and fun filled April and a relaxing weekend.