Sunday, 19 October 2014

Me on Monday

Well this has been a funny old weekend. Started Friday evening with a fun trip to London to a concert with Penny, didn't get home until 12.30am and then had to be up and out by 8.45am to take Penny to the chirpodist! The rest of Saturday was spent doing chores and then some scrapbooking. Penny went out to a wrestling match in London and I had to take Hugh to the station as he was travelling to Heathrow to get a plane to Vienna on business.

Penny got back very late Saturday night, early Sunday morning and I had to stay up as she had forgotten her key!

So today has been spent relaxing and not doing much! It has been lovely and sunny and very mild so I got some washing dried on the line and then spent the rest of the day in the conservatory with the doors open doing scrapbooking. I managed to finish my 'Tea for Two' kit and have done 6 layouts this weekend!

This week sees a crafting evening with Wendy and Sue, Hugh returning on Wednesday and Penny off to uni and a haircut on Friday.

Hope you have had a fun weekend and have a good week.

Not exactly me on Monday, but me and Penny as we set off for the concert!
Saying 'hello' to Sian whose idea this meme is.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

An unexpected treat

Penny had booked two tickets to see Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October - yes, who? Well, I had only heard of them because Penny listens to them! Justin is the lead singer and he was doing his 'Open Book' tour, telling his life story to date and singing accoustically.

Well, Penny asked all her friends and none had heard of him and so she had no one to go with. I had promised her that if she couldn't find anyone I would go with her, so Friday night saw us getting the train up to London to the Islington Assembly Hall. The tickets said that it was standing only, so to be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it - standing for 4 hours and listening to a singer I didn't know. The things we do for our children!

Anyway, when we arrived we were greeted with a cheery 'you are upstairs and it is unreserved seating'! I could have hugged the bouncer! We took our seats, one row back from the front and settled down to listen to the warm up act, Lotte Mullan who describes herself on her Twitter feed as 'Songlover. I live in London and like Country music a lot. Can also be found writing & singing & travelling.'. She sang beautifully and I bought her CD at the end of the concert.

You can listen to one of her songs on Youtube.

Then Justin came on stage. He was absolutely fantastic! He was extremely open about his troubles with depression, divorce, drink and drugs, which makes it sound depressing, but he has overcome all of these and it was actually very uplifting. And oh my goodness! His voice! As I said earlier, he sang accoustically and so it was very 'ballady' and country, although is group is very much a rock band.

This is a link to him singing one of the songs on stage earlier on his tour.

And I enjoyed it so much that today I had to immediately scrapbook the photos I took!

The quality of the photos wasn't great as I took them with my iPhone and no flash, but printed small I am really pleased with them and I was able to use my ticket stubb too! This was made with more of the 'Tea for Two' kit - I made another two layouts with it this afternoon and still have paper left to play with! Anyway, off to prepare our meal now and then take Hugh to the airport as he is off to Vienna on business. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Reunion Night

When I was 16 I left school and went to college to study for a BTEC in Business and Finance. Whilst there I met up with these three girls, and we are still good friends 32 years on.
From left to right, Diane, Monica, Me, Desiree
We have talked on Facebook for ages about getting together for a catch up. The last time we were all together was 10 years ago at Monica's 40th birthday party. This year I put my organiser's hat on and arranged a meet up. Di, Mon and Des all live very close to Hemel where we grew up and went to college, and as my family still live there we decided to meet up in Hemel. My sister said she would put me up for the night which was great as I also got to spend some time with her!

So, on Saturday 4th October we met up and boy did we have fun! We talked and talked and laughed (and on Sunday I had virtually no voice!) and it was as if we had only seen each other a couple of months ago - no awkward silences! We did lots of reminiscing and looking at old photos, as well as catching up with each others' lives, although as we are friends on Facebook we do keep up with quite a lot!
From left to right, Desiree, Me, Monica, Diane
And I was determined to do a scrapbook page immediately! So when I returned on Sunday, after I had done my jobs, I pulled out my Noel Mignon Early Autumn kit and created this page.
It was so kind of Diane to have worn just the right shade of orange to go with the kit!
And it was great that this kit had so many bits and pieces in it about friendship! We are determined not to let it be 10 years before we all meet up again. In fact, we should all be getting together in December for Monica's 50th birthday party - fancy dress! That should make for some good scrapbook pages!

Monday, 13 October 2014

It's Me on Monday Time!

This weekend has been a dodging the showers, drying washing indoors, baking cakes, and celebrating Hugh's birthday sort of weekend. We had a lovely family party yesterday lunchtime and Penny made Hugh a fantastic Minion cake - he was thrilled with it!

Today was back to work - driving through some massive puddles that were more like lakes - the flooding here has been tremendous, but fortunately our house is ok. And here I am on Monday evening, knitting some more of my poncho. I would love to crochet one of the ripple blankets I have been seeing around, but unfortunately I cannot crochet for toffee! I do love to knit though and am rather thrilled with this pattern I am knitting.
Looking forward to seeing what you have all been up to over the weekend and waving to Sian whose idea this meme is.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

I've joined a kit club!

I used to get the Sarah’s Crafts (now Hey Little Magpie) kit until they stopped doing it and I loved the anticipation each month of receiving a lovely box of goodies through the post.

I missed the kits when they stopped doing them and looked around for an alternative. I like the Studio Calico kits and bought a couple of ‘new but second hand’ ones through UKScrappers and had great fun with them, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit myself to a kit from the States.

Then I bought another ‘new but second hand’ one from UKScrappers. This time it was a Noel Mignon one. Oh gosh! I just fell in love! The kits are absolutely jammed FULL of papers and embellishments. I made so many layouts from the kit, yet they didn’t have that ‘they are all the same’ feel which you sometimes can get if you scrap with the same range of papers.

So I then ‘ummed and ahhed’ as to whether or not I should get that one. Yes, it comes from the States, but oh, I do love it! When I saw in the summer that Noel was doing a special 4 month subscription I decided to give it a go, after all, if I didn’t get on with it after four months I didn’t have to renew. So I went ahead and my first one arrived at the beginning of September. Oh the anticipation! I could see all the people in the States getting theirs and starting to play and I didn’t have mine! However, it arrived pretty promptly considering the distance and I was very lucky with the first one not to catch any customs and tax fees on it. Hmm, not so lucky with this month's - £14.01 to pay!

Anyway, the first kit was wonderful! I have not had much time to play with it with all that has been going on here, but last weekend I actually got to spend some time at my craft table and had the inclination to scrap. I made two pages and I am thrilled with them.

And there is still SO MUCH left in the kit. And my next one is already here!

And did I mention, I have signed up for another six months! It would have been rude not to! Now I just need to do a whole LOAD of scrapping to make sure I don’t get a pile of kits that I am not using! Well, I have lots of photos, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are interested, do hop on over to Noel’s blog here (I am not affiliated in any way, just love the kits) and there is also a Facebook page. I was thrilled to find out that Noel had shared one of my layouts on the Facebook page – made my day!