Friday, 17 November 2017

Ooh! An exciting THING for Advent!!

Too often we are not in photos. We take photos of loved ones, pets, places but never hand the camera over to make sure that we are recorded in those memories.

This Advent things are going to change!

Penny and I challenge you to join our #Adventselfieaday to ensure that you are seen this Christmas in those Christmas photos!

Please join us over on Instagram where we will be posting our selfies. We are actually going to do a selfie with both of us in the photo but do join in just with an individual selfie or with your pet, favourite toy or whole family! Just make sure that YOU are in that photo! The prompts are shown below and you can also find them over on our Instagram pages BeckyG1 and @PennyGotch.  Please use the hashtag #adventselfieaday so we can find your photos. We look forward to seeing how you interpret these prompts, so get out your selfie sticks, your remote controls and timers as we look forward to seeing YOU in Advent!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Blog Friends

How wonderful it is when you actually get to meet those friends you have made over your blog. I have been privileged to meet quite a few blog friends over the years, firstly when Deb came over from the States and also only this last September. THEN I found out that Melissa was going to be in London in November - oh yes! I had to try and meet up with her. I had no sooner sent her an email than I got one back asking if I, and 4 other of the bloggers were free to meet up for lunch. Of course I said yes! I immediately booked a day off work and last Tuesday took the train up to London to meet Melissa and her hubbie Robbie in Covent Garden.

I arrived far too early - I always do! But that meant that I was able to have a mooch around Covent Garden which was lovely and tourist free!

I came across these three lovely Pearly Kings who were selling poppies and they kindly posed for me.
And there were some wonderful looking window displays too.
Anyway! It was nearly time to meet at the restaurant when I bumped into Ruth! We had a bit more of a walk around together and then got to the restaurant just before 12 - Melissa and Robbie were already there. We were soon joined by Jacky and Mrs Wookie.
We chatted and laughed and ate and chatted some more. It felt like meeting an old friend even though I have never met Melissa in real life before - she really is a lovely lady and her hubbie is great too.

After lunch we went across the road for a photo shoot - well that's what scrapbook bloggers have to do isn't it?!
And of course Robbie was the perfect gentleman and took a group photo for each of us on our phones or cameras - thanks Robbie!
It was then almost time to go our separate ways, but earlier Ruth and I had spotted an establishment that we had to take Melissa to as it was the perfect photo opportunity.
I think I can say that we all had the most wonderful time. I do like meeting up with blog friends and hope that I can continue to do so in the future. So thank you Melissa for getting in touch, to Ruth for booking the table and to Robbie for treating us to lunch.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Spotlight Saturday - More adventures

Following on from last week's post, after visiting Blackpool on the Friday we had a very restful night at the hotel followed by a good breakfast and then set off to Southport. We fancied a walk along the pier - the 2nd longest in the UK, the longest being local to home, Southend. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and athought when we started out walk it was cloudy, but the time we got to the end of the pier the sun came out although it was still very windy.
At the end of the pier there was a penny arcade. The majority of the machines were the traditional ones which required the use of an old penny. There were machines to change your money up so of course we had to do so and have a go on a few machines.
These two were fun! They were both animatronic and gave us a giggle, especially the laughing sailor which brought back memories of the laughing policeman which I saw on Southend Pier when I went as a very little girl with my Grandad.

As the skies had cleared Hugh was able to use his binoculars to good effect and saw right over to Blackpool in one direction and the wind farm and Wales in the other.

Of course, if there is a train around Hugh manages to find it! We didn't think that the Lake Railway was actually running but on our return from the pier we found that it was, so we had to go on the little ride.

After a sandwich lunch bought from Morrisons (last of the big spenders we are!) we set off to Liverpool.
After our trip there in May we knew that we wanted to go back to look around a couple of the museums. We really wanted to look around the Maritime and Slavery Museum - I told Hugh I knew where they were and marched off to take us there. We looked around and found a train - oh what a surprise....

but then realised we were in the Museum of Liverpool and not the Maritime Museum! Ooops! So off we went as we only had about 3 hours before they closed. The Museum of Liverpool will have to be looked at in more detail another day!
The Museum of Slavery (in the Maritime Museum) was very interesting and thought provoking, made more so I think by having been to Mauritius in November and having seen sugar plantations.
The rest of the museum was just as fascinating and I loved the section on the Titanic and its links with Liverpool, especially the bits about Ismay as he was a distant cousin on Hugh's mother's side of the family.

Having spent a couple of hours at the museum we made our last stop the Cavern Club, where the Beatles were discovered. Well, let's tell the truth here, I got it wrong again! I was not on form! We ended up in the Cavern PUB to start with!

 We realised our mistake however and after a quick drink there went across the road to the Cavern Club!

 The live music was great, the atmosphere fantastic and we had a brilliant time. It was VERY hot down there though!
It was then time to leave Liverpool and make our way to Ashby de la Zouche where we had another Premier Inn booked for the night. We stopped in Uttoxeter on the way for a most delicious Indian meal (found again through Trip Advisor). We finally arrived at our hotel at 9.30pm - another great day and another 17,000 steps walked! Sunday saw us drive back home and spend the afternoon relaxing. A really wonderful short break away.

I'll be back again next week to share some layouts I've made recently and look out in the not too distant future for some exciting news Penny and I want to share with you all!