Saturday, 9 December 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Harry Potter Studio Tour

Three years ago I went with the family to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for my birthday and absolutely loved it. You can read about it here. Since then there have been some additions to the tour including the Forbidden Forest and Platform 9 3/4 along with, of course, the train. Added to this the fact that I wanted to see the model Hogwarts in the snow and the Great Hall set up for Christmas, I decided that as Hugh and I had a long weekend break booked we would spend the day there and have some fun!

The Great Hall was really impressive set up for Christmas. We even got to see the Christmas puddings flaming!

Moving on from the Great Hall we spent a leisurely time looking at many of the sets and enjoying finding little details that are not so obvious on the film. It was nice this time too that there were 'cast members' who were stationed at some of the exhibits and gave you additional information.

We were really impressed with the first 'new to us' exhibit of the Forbidden Forest.
The spiders were excellent! They moved up and down into the tree canopy and there was some great theatrical lightening too!

And Hugh and I met a Hippogriff! We did bow to it so as not to offend it!

After the Forbidden Forest we came to Platform 9 3/4 and this made Hugh very happy!
There were lots of photo opportunities on the platform and a very nice American tourist also took a photo of the two of us!

As you can see, Hugh and I managed to push our way through the wall to get onto the platform!

Hugh found his luggage on the platform - well it does say HG (I think it might be Hermione's) lol.
And of course, what Hugh liked best, the train.

As we continued our tour we came to the outside lot area and loved the fact that they had fake snow falling. Also the fact that you can now go into the house on Privet Drive and see the front room with all the letters in it.

We had to have our photo taken on the bridge again of course.
And Hugh had to have a sit in the Ford Anglia and also ride Hagrid's motorbike.

We finished our tour with viewing the fantastic model of Hogwart's Castle which looked absolutely beautiful in its winter coat. It really is a stunning model.

So we had a wonderful day out - marred only slightly by the fact that on our return journey the M25 was closed and so a trip that took only about 75 minute to get there took us 3 hours to get home! I can thoroughly recommend this tour and if you haven't been for a few years there are definitely enough new exhibits to make it worthwhile going a second time.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Spotlight oops Sunday! - A crafty good time!

Oops! I forgot to write my post on Friday so that's why there was no Spotlight Saturday this week. However that has meant that I am able to tell you about the crafty time I have had over the last couple of weekends.

Last Sunday I spent a lovely day with Wendy and Sue at the craft fair in Maidstone.

We arrived at about 11am and were having our first walk around looking at the stalls when I turned round and who should I see but Sandra! We have never met before but as we turned round and looked at each other we both blurted out the other's name!

It was so fun to meet up with yet another blog friend and we have found that we don't actually live too far away from each other and so are going to meet up in the New Year for a cup of tea and a nice catch up! Oh, and yes, I did spend some money on a few bits and pieces too!

Then onto yesterday when I went to the EKScrappers crop. I found this crop through Karen who is also a blog friend and who I sat next to when I went on the Bloggers' Retreat. Whilst chatting I found out that she runs a crop monthly only about a 35 minute drive away! I was thrilled to be invited along and have now been to 3 crops.

Yesterday's was the Christmas crop and we all took food and had such a fun time. We also celebrated Patty's 80th birthday with a cake!
AND I got to meet yet another blog friend, one I haven't seen since we met up when Deb came over to London all those years ago, the lovely Denise.
All the ladies at the crop have made me feel so welcome and I have such a fun time there. Karen also does the most divine classes using papers I wouldn't necessarily choose. This time we had 5 classes! I had to complete 2 at home as I didn't have time to do them at the crop. I will try and take some photos of the mini book and double page layout I did, oh and the card, but for the moment here is my little village.
Anyway, tomorrow Hugh and I have the day off and we are doing the Harry Potter Studio Tour for the second time but this time it will be all set up for Christmas which we didn't see when we went in June about 4 years ago! Really looking forward to it. Hope you have all had a good weekend and I'll be back hopefully next Saturday!

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Spotlight Saturday - My week

Last week started well on Saturday (well I know Saturday isn't the begnining of the week, but for the purposes of this blog it is!) with a trip to Sutton near Ely in Cambs to visit my school friend Jane at her house and also Ann. We all first met on the first day of secondary school aged 11 - 40 years ago! We have remained very good friends ever since. The last time we met up was April last year so it was great to get together and catch up and also to see Jane's house as I had never been there.

Sunday saw us get up early to get jobs done, including making the Christmas cake.

Sunday afternoon Penny, Wendy and I went to a wrestling match in Harlow - it was great fun!

Monday after work Penny and I went for a really good 30 minute walk.

Tuesday we found out that we had got planning permission to build an annexe for Penny to live in - more about that though another day!

Nothing happened on Wednesday and I didn't take any photos!

Thursday evening Hugh, Penny and I went to a local garden centre where they were having a German Market. We had a fun evening - we bought quite a few bits and pieces for Christmas, had some waffles (Hugh had wurst!) and a lovely glass of gluwhein!

Friday is my day off and I spent the morning cleaning and then had a facial - bliss! I had a delivery of some Christmas votices from HeavenScents and lit one - it smells wonderful!

Today we are off to do some shopping in town and then tomorrow Wendy, Sue and I are driving to Maidstone to the craft show to hopefully spend some money on some stash!

Oh and just to say that following my post last weekend, if you would like to join in and as Ruth put it just have a part of you in the photo, or if you just want to use the prompts to take Advent photos, please feel free to still join us! We would love your company and to see your Advent photos.

Hope you have a good weekend!