Saturday, 17 March 2018

Spotlight Saturday - update on the build

So, it was all going swimmingly and then this happened ...
This meant that nothing could be done to the build! They were at the stage where the concrete needed to be poured for the foundations so that sure as hell was not going to happen!

Fast forward a week and the snow had melted and the ground had thawed. This arrived...
Then this happened...
And we finally had foundations!
These then had to go off before brickwork could begin. That begin just over a week ago, the day Penny went into hospital to have her tonsils out. When we left it looked like the above photo. When we got back at 5.30pm ...

We could not believe how much they had got done in a day and even though Penny was feeling pretty rough she had to have a look...
Her expression was priceless!

And now, just over a week later, we are here!

It's all getting very exciting! However there is now more snow forecast for this weekend so we are not holding our breath that things will be moving forward quickly next week. Hopefully the snow will either come and go quickly or not come at all! Next week the roof tiles should go on!

I hope you have enjoyed this little update. I'll be back with some more photos soon. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Spotlight Saturday - Winter Wonderland!

A couple of weeks or so ago I mentioned that I had finished scrapping all my Christmas photos. Well I had but I had not shared them all with you! I thought you might like to see what I did with all the photos I took when I went to Winter Wonderland with Sue and Wendy.

I love this pink paper and was happy to be able to use it up.
The large metal snowflakes were from Christmas crackers last year!
I liked using the frame on the top photo of this layout.
And then I still had LOADS of photos left! So I decided to add a pocket page which goes in with the main layouts.
 I used both sides of the pocket page and I am really pleased with the result.
Do you use pocket pages with your main 12x12 pages? I think I may do this in the future if I take too many photos to scrap (which I usually do lol!).

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Spotlight Saturday - The Forgotten Gardens of Easton Lodge

A little while ago I saw a post on Twitter about the snowdrop open days at Easton Lodge and immediately pencilled them onto my calendar as a morning out for me and Hugh.

Last Sunday was the 2nd of two days they were open. The gardens are run by volunteers and only open on a few days a year, but they are well worth the visit!

'The Gardens of Easton Lodge are an idyllic haven (Historic England, Grade II listed). They have been partially restored to their former glory by a team of dedicated volunteers and the owners of Warwick House.'

Sunday was very cold, but beautifully bright and sunny so we wrapped up warm and drove the 40 minutes to the gardens. It was £4.50 each which we thought was very reasonable. The volunteers also had a little 'cafe' there with bacon or cheese rolls and hot coffee and tea.

The snowdrops really were beautiful - unfortunately they really did not show up too well on the photos! We spent about an hour walking around, looking at the millenium sundial...
The carving made out of a dead tree which had been left in situ...
The Italian garden.....
The walled garden...

And we went up the treehouse...

The queue for hot drinks was pretty long, but fortunately I had put a flask in our car so we returned to the car and had a lovely warm coffee before we set off...
This made me feel very much like Hugh's late parents as they always had a flask when they went out for the day!

We had a fantastic morning walk and I am very keen to go back again in the summer to see the garden with its summer clothes on. There were lots of picnic tables dotted around so it would be fun to take a picnic lunch. As it was, on Sunday we went off to the Toby Carvery and had a relatively Slimming World friendly roast dinner - and it was yummy!
If you live locally enough to visit I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Easton Lodge Gardens, but do check first if they are open - they are only open on 9 days a year! And have a read up on their website about the history - it's fascinating!