Thursday, 24 July 2014

Going up!

Gosh, I am scrapping photos from last September now! I have scrapped some photos from this year too, but I seem to be about 10 months 'behind' although it doesn't worry me at all!
I wanted to mirror the chequerboard tiles in Penny's kitchen and found these two papers which I thought worked quite well.
I dug through my stash of stickers and found quite a few to use on this layout. The journalling card is from a PL set and I liked the effect of using a frame around it.

I can't believe that Penny will soon be starting her final year. She has done so well and is so thoroughly enjoying her uni life. I do hope that her final year is as happy and fruitful as she wishes it to be.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Me on Monday

This weekend has been a ...

thundery, lightening, lashing rain, hot sunshine, more thunder, more rain, more lightening, more sunshine, getting jobs in the garden done between showers, having Mum and Dad to Sunday lunch, laughing, eating too much, messaging both Ben and Penny, finding a little time to do some scrapbooking sort of weekend.

And here we are, back to Monday and work again. A busy week ahead, with Penny returning from Canada on Tuesday, Hugh away on business Wednesday and Thursday, my friends coming round to scrapbook on Wednesday evening and then a Friday afternoon off with a haircut booked in!

Me on Monday ....

Taken in my office - sorry it's a bit blurry!

With thanks to my friend Sian, over on High in the Sky, for her idea of summing up the weekend in a few words or sentences and posting a photo of yourself on Monday.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Taking the plunge!

I have taken the plunge! Well, dipped my toes in the water! I have decided to have a go at Project Life this year, but I am just doing a double page spread every month. I have to say that I am really enjoying it and may go to weekly next year – we will have to wait and see!

So I started it in April, but was able to ‘back fill’ starting in January. I am now caught up and thought I would share my pages with you.

I am waiting for Wendy to provide me with a photo for the bottom left corner of the April page above!
We did so much in April that I added an extra page protector to take an additional eight photos from our holiday.

And so a big thank you to those whose blogs I read who are doing PL and have given me the push to take the plunge! Are you doing PL weekly, monthly or not at all?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Me on Monday

I can't believe that Monday has come round again already! Our week in Crete went past so fast and we had such a wonderful time - lots of photos to share with you soon.

So, joining in with Sian's meme again, this weekend I have been ...

visiting the Cretaquarium, swimming in the pool, sunbathing, reading on my Kindle, packing my case, saying goodbye to the lovely people who run the hotel, catching a bus and a plane, driving back home, chatting to Ben, seeing Penny again.

And today I am still on holiday and catching up with all the washing - thank goodness it is sunny and dry today! So here I am today, in front of the drying washing!
I posted all my postcards off today for Sian's swap, so hopefully some of my readers may get a card soon!

I promise to get around to all your blogs this week - thanks for the comments on mine whilst I have been away.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The wheels on the bus ...

Just a quick post to share another layout from our Italy holiday last year.

The bottom corner of the page had the washi effect printed on it, but I added some more of my own to add some more layers.
I didn't have a bus, but I did have a car, so decided that would do for an embellishment!

Are you looking forward to a summer holiday?