Monday, 23 November 2015

A quick share

As I said in my last post, I managed to get some layouts done last weekend! Three of them are for the 'Five Fave' project so I can't share them yet, but I can share this one!
I found that I had a lot of Shimelle's True Story collection still hanging around in my stash, so decided to use a bunch of it up! Sorry the photo of the layout is a bit wonky! The strip along the bottom is actually the branding strip on the other side, but I liked the look of it being there, so trimmed some off the top of the page to accommodate it.

This weekend I didn't get any layouts done, but I have started preparing my pages for JYC. I also went up to ExCel with Wendy and Sue for the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts show. We had a fun day out although there was not too much in the way of scrapbooking 'stuff'. The stalls that did have scrapbooking stuff were absolutely mobbed! I did manage to spend a little bit of money though on a couple of snowflake punches, some embellishments and a couple of other bits and pieces including that good old standby of sticky pads! It made for a good day out with friends which was really important.
 I am off to see my GP this morning as I have absolutely no voice and a hacking cough and have been this way for about 7 days now. Time to see if I need some antibiotics I think! Especially as Wendy and I are off to see the final part of the Hunger Games tomorrow!

Hope you have a fun week!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Project Life October

Gosh! I don't know where the time has been going! What with decorating Penny's bedroom (which we finally finished this weekend) and visiting Ben and Amy last weekend, working and just life, I just haven't had time to post anything here or do scrapping!

However,that all changed this weekend. Friday saw me scrapping with Wendy and Sue and I got three layouts done bar the journaling. And today, oh yes, today, I got to spend the WHOLE afternoon crafting! I completed the journaling on the 3 layouts, did another layout and did my Project Life for October. On top of that I also tidied my desk up which was a right mess! It's all ready now for me to start my Journal Your Christmas/December Daily. 

So here are my pages for October. 

This is the left hand page. Between it and the right hand page I have inserted a 6x12 as we celebrated Hugh's birthday so I had a lot to document. 
The photos on the right are actually on the back of the photos on the left. 
And this is the right hand page. 

I am off to Exel on Saturday with Wendy and Sue to a craft show which I am really looking forward to. Hope you have had a good weekend and that your week is calm and peaceful. With thoughts and prayers to all those suffering from war and terrorism. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Five Faves for October - the photos

So here we are, in November already! This year is rushing past!

Here are my five favourite photos from October - I have simply LOADS that I want to scrap from Hugh's birthday week, but to start with here are my three real favourites.
Our family meal on the Saturday before Hugh's birthday
Hugh just about to drive the train
Hugh and his Mum
And then there are two more, both taken on my iphone this time.
I put this dress on for work and just loved how slim I felt that I had to take a photo!When you have lost a lot of weight you sometimes can't see it in yourself and still feel large. To be able to see yourself as slim is really important as it actualises all that hard work!

Snapped on an evening walk with Penny before the clocks changed so it was still light! She had bought the flower crown in a sale and insisted on wearing it all day! I loved how pretty she looked in it!
So those are my five favourites for October. I wonder which photos Jo will choose this month?

We have been really busy the past weekend putting together furniture for Penny's new bedroom, so no scrapping time sadly. Hopefully get to do some next weekend, but not holding out too much hope as still a wardrobe and bookcase to build! Oh well, I am sure I will get some time soon!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Five Faves for September - the layouts

So here we are at the end of October and I have actually finished scrapping all five of my favourite photos from September!
I did the journalling for this layout in the lovely denim pocket which came in my kit. Here is a close up:
The next three photos were all from Penny's graduation. I do have several more which I want to scrap and shall be doing so over the next few months.

The layout below was scraplifted from Pol Prince on the Facebook page I follow. I loved the idea of the little strips of paper, but boy it took a long time to complete!
And my last layout is all about one of our two cats - she is very strange, but then all our cats seem to have been!
So, once again a big thank you to Jo, whose idea it was to scrap 5 favourite photos from each month. I have done so every month this year, so I know that I have completed a minimum of 27 layouts, if I have only done 3 layouts for each month (and some months, as this month, have been 5 layout months!). On top of that I have been scrapping other photos regularly - I think I need to move house to store all the scrapbook albums lol!

I will be back again very soon with my five favourite photos from October - bet you can guess that at least one or two will be from Hugh's birthday!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Project Life - July and September

As I mentioned in my previous Project Life post, I had completed July but forgotten to blog about it! I took the photos Sunday afternoon before it got dark (eugh, end of British Summer Time), but to be perfectly honest I couldn't be bothered to get all the cards out of the pockets, so I do apologise for the glare on the photos. I will make sure when I do October that I remember to leave the cards out of the pockets before photographing them!
For my July pages I actually used the Collect  photo app for most of the photographs. I quite liked this idea for a change and if I do PL next year I may do it more frequently.
For October I was back to my normal way of recording the month - choosing my photos and printing them out on my Canon Selphy.
Most of these photos you have probably already seen as I have shared them as either my favourite photos or on other blog posts! I am trying to choose different photos for PL from those I then do full 12x12 pages with, but with the graduation ones I just had to use these are they are my very favourite ones!
 Well, I had quite a scrappy weekend, as I met up with Wendy and Sue on Friday for our monthly crafty get together and then as Hugh was away on business all weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons in my craft room. So, I will be back later in the week to share my five favourite photos from September all scrapped on their own pages.

Hope you had a good weekend and that if you are on half term this week that you have a nice time - oh how I miss school holidays!