Friday 29 January 2010

What a long week!

This week seems to have gone on forever! Work has been quite busy and time should have flown, but the miserable January weather has got to me and left me feeling very tired and miserable. However, it is now the weekend, so I shall get my scrapbooking stash out and have a mega craft session to cheer myself up! I am planning doing this week's Pencillines sketch with a photo of my youngest niece that my Mum gave me last week - I will be using *hangs head in shame* the Martha Stewart 3 in1 butterfly punch that I succumbed to! I also have to finish a mini book for my sister which is a thank you for having us for Christmas - she didn't get to take many photos, so I have printed off a load for her and glammed them up! I will try and get photos of both finished projects and post them towards the end of the weekend.

Have you seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie? I have now seen it twice! I went with Penny just after it first came out and we thought it was brilliant. I was then chatting to a friend and when she heard that I had seen it was really jealous and said that she wished she had someone to go with, so of course I offered my services and went again last Friday - still as brilliant! I don't go to the cinema very often, usually, but we then went again on Sunday, this time as a family, to see Avatar in 3D. That was fantastic. The seats were price and they were only the bog standard ones, but I really enjoyed the fim. Be prepared for a numb behind if you go and see it - the film is 3 hours long!

Now, I don't like to do a post without publishing a photo of something, so here is the current photo I have as the background on my computer. I took the photo when Hugh and I visited Groombridge Place Gardens and Enchanted Forest last August - such a tame robin! We had a wonderful time exploring the gardens and forest - well worth a visit.

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