Monday 22 February 2010

Winning Streak!

Found out that I have won the blog candy from Sprytebyrd's blog - absolutely thrilled!  Dee still has stamps for sale and they can be found here. Added to this I had a letter published in this month's Scrapbook Magazine and at the weekend received my free gift for that too!

After a not very good beginning to the year things are starting to look up. Keep your fingers crossed for me and the family on Wednesday - we have things going on which I would rather not talk about at the moment, but suffice it to say we need HUGE luck on Wednesday! If things turn out all right I will let you know lol.

Off to have another read through my Pencil Lines book and decide which layout I am going to have a go at next - and which photos I will use!

Here is a photo from my 'library' -a photo of Penny taken last Spring at Norsey Woods, Billericay.


Jenn Spencer said...

Congrats on winning your freebies...isn't that a great feeling to win something?! And you did it twice recently! Congrats! And best wishes for a positive week ahead!

Quilling for Scrapbooks

Giulietta said...

Hi Becky, I do hope every thing went well yesterday.
lots of love,Juliet