Monday 17 May 2010

8 in 8

Mel had a challenge of sorts on her blog today, to go to where you store you photos, open the 8th folder and post the 8th photo. So here is mine! It was taken in 2004 and shows me with my newly Christened Goddaughter and niece, Olivia. I was extremely honoured to be asked to be her Godmother and on the same day her older brother was also Christened and I was very proud to be his Godmother too. In all the photos taken that day though I am smiling with my mouth shut as I had lost a front tooth and was waiting for dental surgery to replace it! Olivia is now 7 years old and growing up into a lovely little girl. She is hopefully coming to stay with me too as she wants to spend some time doing scrapbooking with me - a chip off the old block I think!

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