Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A layout about a boy

My Mum has been catching up on my blog and has two complaints - one, I don't check my spelling well enough and two, there are not enough posts with Ben on! So, here you are Mum, a layout about Ben and all the spelling here is correct lol!
This layout was done using a Pencillines Sketch and shows Ben and his friends when they went to the Ice Bar in London for one of their friend's birthday. They had great fun and took loads of photos which I managed to download off Facebook! As a Mum of a 20 year old, I don't get access to many photos of him with his friends! I have got another load, which I will be working on, from when he went snowboarding in March. I will share some of those layouts soon.


Sian said...

Does he know what you are doing with his Facebook pictures?!

Becky said...

Yes - I did ask him first lol!