Thursday, 7 October 2010

Gosh, what a lot of posts!

It shows that if I am not working I have plenty of time to 'play' on the computer! When I am at work I really don't have the time to scrap, blog and do the chores! Perhaps I should drop the chores lol!

Anyway, this is the layout I was working on last night and was on my desk in the photo from yesterday evening.
I have finally got around to using some of my Sarahs Cards kit for June, and it is apt that it is the June kit as the photos were taken in June! It seems such a long time ago now, and Henry already looks so much more mature. Can't believe that he will be 16 in December, it only seems like yesterday that he was the same age and size as Emily!

I also managed to get another layout done yesterday - again from my birthday week (well, it would have been day, but I had birthday at home followed at the weekend by birthday at my Mum and Dad's so it lasted nearly a week!).
'I help' is one of Ben's silly phrases - he usually says it when he is being a pest and not being helpful, but it seemed a really good title for this page as Emily really did want to help me to open my presents! Again, I have used the Sarahs Cards June kit. I enjoyed cutting the flowers out of one of the patterend papers - I find it very therapeutic doing that!


Sian said...

I love your torn paper edges as well as the handcutting. Great stuff :)

Deb said...

LOVE your layouts and the wonderful colors and details, Becky. And I'm glad to hear that you celebrated a "birthWEEK" - I usually do a "birthMONTH" because I love my birthday so much. :o) xo

Beverly said...

Your use of reds and green works so well, whenever I use them together my eye sees Christmas. Might have to scraplift to get your affect ;)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love "I help," especially the little bird and the combination of papers.
And our Henrys are only five months apart in age! Mine will turn 15.5 next month (I know because that's when he can get his driver's permit here) and 16 in May!