Monday, 1 November 2010

Some words from Prompt 5

Didn't get time to post this on Friday, so here are a couple of snippets from Prompt 5, which was to 'fill in the blanks'.

'This first one is for your child to fill in the blanks about what they think your job is/you do at work. I got Penny to do it for me - her answers are a bit extreme and you may guess that I am perhaps not too happy in my job right now.
My mum's job is c**p. She works in a hell. She feels hateful about her job because it is depressing. She often has to weep. I think her job is heinous.

Yes, I think she has summed it up quite well actually! Although I really like my immediate colleagues there are other problems at work which I won't go into here, just enough to say that I am really not happy and I am looking for another position.

There was also a sheet in the workbook which asked you to fill in the blanks and I have done so here:

I wish I could return to a time when I was a young mother. A time like the day when Ben, Penny and I sat in the garden and I read books to them. It made me feel so contented, like I could melt inside. That same day they played happily together until it was bathtimethey said it was a brilliant day and did it have to end. I know I thought Ben and Penny would remember this day. There was never another day exactly like that. Memories!
I am really enjoying this class and cannot wait to see what today's prompt is. I do intend to do some layouts eventually using some of the pieces I have written. When I eventually get around to doing them I will share them!


Deb said...

Well, yes, it is clear that you are in a bad situation at work, by reading Penny's comments. I used to be in a job like that...SOOOOOO glad I left it when I did!!!

I'm glad you are enjoying Shimelle's class! I didn't sign up for this one, but I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts about it. :o)

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a contrast between your two journal entries!!! I love how the second one really brings back a moment in time. Hope your job gets better.