Sunday, 9 January 2011

And so the house becomes a little quieter

Visitors have all left.

Ben has gone back to university.

Hugh and I have gone back to work.

Penny has the house to herself during the day (apart from the cats!).

Christmas and New Year are over and done with for another year. Where did that time go? I did have to work between the two holidays, which was a bit of a pain as the other three were at home, but it was still a nice break.

So, what now?

Well, I have loads of photographs to scrap! I got a bit panicky before Christmas thinking of all the photographs I need to scrap, then realised that I didn't need to scrap them, I wanted to scrap them. And realising that made me feel a lot calmer and able to sit down and sort out several to use straight away. Over the holiday period I actually finished my JYC and did four layouts, which I was really pleased with. Here are two of them below.

 This journalling tag is hidden behind the bottom photograph - you can just see the yellow flower peeking out.

Here is the journalling area in more detail.

I have another 150 photos on order at Truprint from the Christmas period and also from October which I had forgotten to have printed! I have put all the photos I had lying around the house in their little wallets into slip-in photo albums so they are easy to look at, protected and I can choose which ones I want to scrap with ease.

I have decided not to make a New Year's resolution - I never keep them and then I feel bad! I just aim this year to make it a lot better than last year - as far as I can. We are trying to be very positive. We have nice things to look forward to - a holiday in Northumberland with Penny; a holiday in Cyprus just the two of us; Ben's graduation ceremony; hopefully a job for Ben once he has graduated; Penny's recovery and hopefully her getting a job or moving forward to whatever will make her happy.

The first thing to look forward to though is Tuesday, when I have my scrapping friends coming round for the evening - it is our postponed Christmas crop and Secret Santa! Bother that snow! I had the conservatory all dressed up for Christmas and Penny had made loads of yummy cupcakes! Now we are all dieting and the decorations have been put away. Oh well, the company will still be great and we have our presents to share.

  I took a load of photos of my layouts in the good light this morning and so will post them over the next few weeks - a few too many to put all in one post!


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Becky ~ It's always so fun to see your lovely layouts. I really love that journaling tag with the flower on top! Have fun at your crop ~ Carrie and I are hosting one for our friends at the end of this month and we can't wait. xo

scrappyjacky said...

Lovely layouts,Becky....I, too, have far too many photos to scrap,and have to pick and chose....even though I'd love to scrap them all.

Sian said...

I'm not much of a one for resolutions either - but I do wish all of you all the very best for 2011

Your layouts are very pretty - and with all those photos it sounds like we have lots more to look forward to this year!

Maria Ontiveros said...

It's fun to scrap, isn't it? I got together with friends and did a bunch of pages for DS. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts. Especially the first one. I finally took photos I thought were worth printing this year. I made four layouts and put the rest in photo pages behind them. I really love having them altogether. Now on to old projects that have been hanging around forever. It's been forever since I went to a crop. Most of my friends have given up scrapbooking.