Monday, 11 April 2011

Miniature Monday

Having shared my teapot with you on a Wednesday, I thought that I would make Monday's miniature for a few weeks and share some of my other miniature creations.

As I mentioned, one of my room boxes is 'Australia Museum'. We visited Australia in 2002 and I decided before I went that I would like to make a miniature record of our visit by creating my own museum. I bought a lovely little shop/single room house which I turned into my museum.

Whilst we were in Australia I looked out for tiny souvenirs, which I found in the way of key rings and pencil toppers and sharpeners. Hugh made me the display cabinets and the literature stand. I scanned in loads of the fliers etc that I had collected and shrunk them down, printed them out and then put them in the literature stand. The doll was purchased made, but I wigged her and then dressed her (she is supposed to be me!). I also made her a back pack, which is what I carried all the time, and it has a water bottle in it and my camera. I was really pleased when I had finished it and stood my Aborigine outside. I am sorry about the quality of the photos - they are scanned in and not brilliant! I do still have this out on display, but it is on top of my sideboard and difficult to get down to photograph again!

Do please join me again next Monday for another miniature viewing!


Sian said...

I most certainly will be back next Monday - this is gorgeous! When we went to New England I made a shop based on one of the folk art shops I saw there. I've never photographed it...

I can't wait to see what else you have in miniature

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Wow, Becky, that is awesome! The details are so fun to study and enjoy. I'm happy to hear that you'll make this a weekly feature for a while! :o)

Alison said...

Love your 'miniatures'..I'd never have the patience for anything so fiddly!
Alison xx

humel said...

I had to come look at this one too - it's just as amazing :-) Loving your miniature art! xx

Becky said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone! Sian, I would love to see your shop! I would love to create more but I seem to have drifted over to scrapbooking and blogging now and I don't have the room to keep them and don't have the heart to give them away any more!