Monday, 2 May 2011

Miniature Monday

During my miniature mania I decided to make my Mum and Mother-in-law a little gift for Mothering Sunday. I had seen in one of the Dollshouse magazines a scene made up in a small tea light lantern. Hugh and I scoured the shops and found some which were relatively inexpensive.

Then came the fun part of setting the scenes.

I decided on a potting shed interior for my Mother-in-law. Hugh made the bench for me and then I had great fun making the pots from Fimo and using dried tea leaves for earth! I scoured the miniatures fairs and shops for appropriate bits and pieces like the boots and watering can and printed out miniature seed packets which were piled up on the bench.

For my Mum, the sun worshipper, I decided on a gazebo. I embroidered the tablecloth, knitted the shawl, bought a wine bottle and made a hanging basket. There are other tiny touches too, such as a magazine and wine glass!

I am sorry about the quality of the photo. I don't have the room boxes any longer (obviously) and only had one photo which I have had to scan in and the original wasn't great quality! It gives you the general idea anyway.
And here is my Mother-in-law on the left and my Mum on the right! I used two dolls which came free with a dollshouse magazine and dressed them to look like the 'mums'! I knitted the jumper for mum-in-law and added a brooch (as she always wears one) and a necklace. I chose red as that is her favourite colour and Hugh made some red wire spectacles. My Mum I made a pair of jeans for and a sweatshirt which I embroidered some flowers onto. She also got a necklace and was re-wigged to get the right hair colour (as Mum-in-law was too).

I hope you have enjoyed this look at another of my miniature creations.


scrappyjacky said...

These are lovely,Becky....what a great idea to use the lanterns.I love how you have personalised the two mums.

Linda said...

wow, these are gorgeous!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

SOOOO cute! I love miniature Mondays on your blog, Becky! xo

Sian said...

Oh, yes! Miniature Monday is one of my favourite days of the week. Doesn't it make you want to start buying dollshouse magazines again? It does me,

These are gorgeous, especially the personalised dolls with that tiny embroidery.

Tracy said...

Those are so cute, I love doing things like that. Although I havent got any desire to go as far as a dollshouse.

Becky said...

Sian - I keep looking at the magazines in Smiths and having to restrain myself! I really haven't got the room to do another big house (which is what I would want to do!), nor the time!

Beverly said...

I am sure they were thrilled, such a great gift!

Anonymous said...

Love miniature mondays. These look great. Curious as to what size you use to knit items with for your miniatures. I tried putting a piece of knitting in my book of me and ended up knitting on toothpicks. :)

Alison said...

Love the mums, Becky.. for how long did you make miniatures?

Alison xx

Becky said...

To answer a couple of questions!

The needles I used to knit with are actually specialist miniature knitting needles and are not much thicker than a cocktail stick, but made of metal.

I made miniatures for about four years in total, although I still get the yearning to do some more now and again! I went from miniatures to scrapping and enjoy it just as much :)

Thanks for all your kind comments :)

Jane said...

what a great gift!