Monday, 9 May 2011

Miniature Monday

Yes, it is Monday again! Just a quick post this week to show you my Christmas lantern. Based on the Mother's Day lanterns I showed you last week, I made myself one which comes out every Christmas.
Here is a look at it from another angle:
And a final photo to show how I display it and hide the transformer for the electrics!
The transformer is neatly hidden inside an upturned icecream tub which is covered in Christmas wrapping paper! I had great fun making this lantern - especially the mince pies which have been left out for Santa along with a letter to him and a glass of sherry.


Sian said...

How lovely! I think the lights make it extra special and Christmassy

Jo said...

Absolutely stunning

alexa said...

What a lot of detailed work! Amazingly skilful.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally blown away by the amount of detail you get in these. What a special Christmas decoration.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Another incredible piece, Becky! I love it. My favorite thing is that the tree is lit up...oh and the sweet tiny paper chain...and the mince pies...and... ;o)

Alison said...

So cute..and so much detail!
Alison xx