Monday 16 May 2011

Miniature Monday

Completing this one was very poignant and I have never written about these events before.

In January 2001 my sister announced she was pregnant. We were all very excited. This was to be her second baby, her first with her new partner (now her husband) and the first baby to be born in our family since Henry (her son) who was then 7 years old.

In great anticipation I started to make a room box nursery to give to the baby. I didn't plan to finish it completely before the baby was born as I wanted to add a couple of finishing touches such as a wee sampler with the baby's name on.

However, it was not to be. Whilst the world was facing the horrors of 9/11 we were facing our own horrors when Pippa's baby died in the womb at seven and a half months. On 12th September 2001 she had her stillborn daughter, Charlotte. As you may be able to imagine we were all devestated and to this day I do not know how Pippa and Del managed to get through that dreadful time. We all pulled together as a family and from that time on we have all seemed to live for the now and not for the future. It has certainly given us a new view on life and made us different, and I think better, people.

The room box however was the last thing on my mind and when I came across it I just put it away in a cupboard.

In March 2002 Pippa announced that she was pregnant again. It was not an easy pregnancy for her and we spent eight and a half months holding our breaths (or so it seemed). The doctor's had decided that they would give her a caesarean before her due date and happily she gave birth to a healthy little girl, Olivia, on 2nd December.

I then remembered the room box! So, out of the cupboard it came. In some ways it was very hard to complete it with thoughts of Charlotte in my head. But complete it I did and when I gave it to Pippa and Del for Olivia they were extremely touched.

The little boy is supposed to be Henry, the cat is their cat Angelica. Hugh made the little toy on the high chair, which is one of those suction ones. The little duck on the shelf is off a toothbrush from a Virgin Atlantic toiletry pack! I knitted the dress for the baby and for Henry's jumper and I stitched the sampler on the wall and knitted the teddy in the cot. I scanned in the covers of some children's books, made them a lot smaller and then made books out of them for the shelf and the floor. I hope you enjoy looking at this one too!


scrappyjacky said...

It's beautiful,Becky.....and such a poignant story attached to it.

Lynn said...

The care and love that has gone into this is evident - the attention to detail is amazing. I'm sure your sister was very touched.

Sian said...

Such a poignant story indeed. I'm glad you felt like sharing it with us today, though. Your room box is absolutely lovely, made with love, it's obvious to see

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

A sad story but a very happy ending. Thanks for sharing this, Becky. And your mini-room is fantastic, as usual! xo

Alison said...

Love your mini-room..and thanks for sharing such a poignant story
Alison xx

Jo said...

A sad story but a beautiful room, I'm glad things worked out well for your sister's next pregnancy

Beverly said...

Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing this story with us :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Such a moving tale and wonderful work of art.

Anonymous said...

What a moving story Becky. It looks wonderful, I'm sure your sister was very touched.