Monday, 13 June 2011

Miniature Monday

So, we have finally reached my last miniature. This was actually the first one I had. I had seen this shop in our local dollshouse shop and knew that I wanted to make it into a tea room downstairs and living accommodation upstairs and make it Victorian.

This is the basement showing the garden areas I created
Hugh purchased it for me for my birthday and I spent the next couple of years building, decorating and filling it up. When I had 'finished' it I needed something else to do and had seen a basement which I fancied adding to it. So, being the wonderful husband he is, Hugh bought me the basement for my birthday. I then spent many a happy hour decorating the basement and making a garden for the outside.
A closer look at the garden. I made the vegetables out of Fimo and used
tea leaves as earth!
This then sat under my dollshouse for a few years, but it did take up quite a lot of room - sticking out into our lounge. Unfortunately, when we had to buy a new three piece suite this meant that we no longer had room for the basement, so I had to sell it :( So, what you are seeing now are the photos I took of the basement before I sold it.
This is the right hand room in the basement. I had decided that it was the servants' bedroom, so was to be fairly basic. I hand stitched the two patchwork quilts - I loved doing the miniature sewing although I hate to do real sewing (apart from cross stitch which I love!).
This is the left hand room. Hugh added the extra small room for the toilet, as I loved this wonderfully ornate one I had found. I had this room as a sort of junk room come basement working area for the shop above. I built a  copper into the corner near the fire for the washing to be done in and under the stand ont the right you can just see some wellington boots. There were also lots of flower pots and seeds on the dresser, along with bottles and jars of preserves, but unfortunately  wasn't into photography as much then and I didn't take good enough photos, which is very frustrating now!

Next week I will start my tour of the actual shop. As I still have this dollshouse I intend to take some digital photos and so give you a lot more detail to look at! Thanks for looking this week.


scrappyjacky said...

I've really enjoyed seeing all your miniatures,Becky....pretty amazing.

Sian said...

It's wonderful Becky. I like the way you made room for the toilet, I can remember doing that with my first dollshouse too!

Jo.C said...

These posts have been fascinating Becky - TFS.
You are very talented and patient!
Have fun x