Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Very Moving Day

Hugh and Ben outside the flat
No scrapping to share this weekend as we have been moving Ben into his new flat. It has been quite emotional, both sad and happy. His flat is the top two floors of the house you can see here. It took us all day yesterday to move him in! It was a two hour drive to Reading and then it took another two hours to move his sofas in! They were an extremely tight fit - the stairs are extremely narrow and have a tight turn on them - I really thought that they were not going to go up!

Once we had everything moved in we then helped to make up some of the flat pack furniture. We had pizzas for lunch from the local take away - conveniently placed directly across the road!

Hugh and Ben making flat pack furniture
Hugh and I finally left at 5.30pm, with Ben's friend Colin who had been helping out (Rachel, Ben's girlfriend stayed with him). We came home via my parents' house to collect a pair of single beds to put into Ben's empty bedroom here! We eventually got home at 8pm, completely shattered. We have spent today tidying up the bits and pieces left in his bedroom, taking the empty boxes he gave back to us to the recycling centre and returning the van to the hire centre.

Ben and Rachel with more empty boxes!
Following my appointment with the neurologist I am on new medication for my migraines which I am slowly coming to terms with. They are making me a bit tired at the moment, but, touch wood, they seem to be doing the trick and keeping the migraines at bay. I am hoping that the tiredness will abate once my life calms down a bit!


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a bittersweet today - full of pride and happiness, but also a bit of longing, I'm sure.

Sian said...

That's great news about the medication - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to make a big difference.

Best of luck to your boy in his new place. He's very lucky to have you to help him out :) I can remember having to move in on my own, and it's such a big thing. It certainly looks like a nice place!

Alison said...

Glad the meds seem to be helping....hope Ben is settling in, and you've got rid of all the boxes!
Alison xx

Sandra said...

I hope your new medicines continue to work. What a day this must have been for you, happy he's making his own way, but sad too

Sandie said...

Migraines are horrible things, I hope the new medication helps. It looks like it was a long and tiring day helping your son to move. Hope he likes his new place, it's exciting and sad when your children leave home.

Anonymous said...

Moving is such a big job, and that first one surely includes a mix of emotions. I'm glad to hear you've found some medication that is working for you.