Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Learn Something New

And so here are my first four pages:

Still can't remember whether it should be 'learnt' or 'learned'! No doubt Penny will tell me I have done it wrong!
I normally finish at 12.15 on a Friday, but as there were very few of the senior management in my manager was extremely kind to me and when I had finished the main important letters that had to go out she told me to go early and make the most of the sunshine! I do have an extremely lovely boss!
Shimelle's prompt for today was about feet - well this was almost about feet! I did manage to put about climbing the stairs up to Ben's flat. We had a lovely time showing my Mum and Dad where he now lives and Rachel made a lovely banana cake (so I am told as I am dieting so didn't have any!).
I was struggling with a lesson for today and Penny kindly helped me out! She was right of course - I had listened to the weather forecast and done all the outside jobs this morning, like cleaning out the chicken and going to fetch some food shopping. I also did all the other chores which left the afternoon free for scrapping whilst it poured with rain on and off!


Sian said...

Looking good Becky! I love the warm autumnal colours you have chosen and the way the numbers are "dropping" off the side of the page a bit

Sandra said...

Goodness you're doing really well on your project :)

Alison said...

Love your approach Becky!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Great start, and like Sian, I love your colors.

Anonymous said...

They're looking great Becky. Loving the colours you're using.