Thursday, 29 September 2011

LSNED - 17, 18, 19 and 20

Nearly up to date with LSNED. The 17th was a lovely sunny day in Wickford. We have an annual Carnival and unfortunately this year was the last one after 93 years as the committee have all stood down and there is no one else to run it. When the children were little and I was on the Pre-School committee we were on one of the floats for 3 years running and it was great fun.
I love Downton Abbey! I have the first series on DVD and couldn't wait for the second series to start.
This was the beginning of my busy, busy week, which I have already written about, so you will understand why I had no photos of today.
Cheated a bit here and used a photo off the internet as it seemed to sum up exactly how the 20th had turned out!
I have just about caught up with the next four days - just need to photograph them and then upload them to the computer, which I hope to do by the weekend. Thanks for looking!


Melissa said...

Great job on these pages.

Photographing Mom said...

Excellent job, Becky!!!

Alison said...

Great job...and glad that Penny got the job!(did I miss a post?)
Alison xx

Sandra said...

You've done so well on this project