Friday, 16 December 2011

Funny headgear!

At work we are now wearing casual dress until the 3rd January. We were asked to wear festive headgear with our casual dress - the only people seeming to do this are the HR department!
This photo is going to appear in my JYC - the lady in the front is my boss and the lady to the right is my colleague who I share an office with.


Sian said...

Are those penguins on your ears? I don't really know what to

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hilarious! I love these!

Alison said...

What fun headgear!
Alison xx

Beverly said...

Now you have a fun work environment, pooh on those other dept that are boring! Love the snowmen but did ya'll keep them on all day?

Anonymous said...

Too funny! One of my teaching colleagues used to have headgear for nearly every holiday. These remind me of her.

Anonymous said...

LOL - well that certainly gave me a chuckle. We have a friend that has ties that light up that he wears for the holidays.