Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A bit of silliness!

Last weekend was extremely hectic and I didn't get to take any photos to share with you!

Friday evening Hugh, Penny and I drove to Eastleigh to spend the night in a Premier Inn before going to the Winchester University Open Day. We had visited the university about 4 years ago when Penny was first choosing where to go, but having had an interview at Folkestone and almost decided where she wanted to go she needed to revisit Winchester to make up her mind. We sat in on the talk about the course she wants to study, Creative Writing, and having listened to that and discussed it with us, Penny was then about 95% sure she wanted to go to the Folkestone campus of the Canterbury Christchurch University to study their Creative Writing degree.

So, on our way home we went to Folkestone! The sun was out and the town was bustling. We had an icecream, I saw the university campus and we had a look around the town and when we arrived home Penny went onto the UCAS website and put Folkestone down as her first choice and Winchester as her reserve.

Ben came home over the weekend too! And this is where the silliness comes in! He had received in the post here a new hard drive for his computer which had bubble wrap around it. Some of you may remember his previous experience with bubble wrap (here) and here you can see where he gets it from - this was Hugh's idea!
 What can I say? Like father like son!

I am very busy at work this week as my manager is on holiday, so recruitment for the Call Centre has fallen to me. I have a group recruitment session tomorrow to try and find five new Sales Consultants - wish me luck, I'm going to need it! Last week we were expecting 8 candidates in and only 2 turned up and of those 2 only one was good enough and when we offered her the job she turned it down!


Sian said...

Good luck! Maybe things are looking up on the job market if people are turning down jobs

Beverly said...

LOL silly, silly boys! I would have guessed you'd be overwhelmed with applicants, some even overqualified. Hopefully it's what Sian said and not that the ones out of work have been out so long they've given up :/ Good luck with it all this week.

Gail said...

Hope you had better luck with the job applicants this time.