Monday, 21 May 2012

A wonderful birthday time!

Well, Penny said that she had the most wonderful 21st birthday few days!
On her actual birthday, last Wednesday, she had her exam, which went well and then in the evening Hugh and I took her out for a meal, which was very tasty and very filling!
Penny with her birthday present - her iPad!
On Thursday we went down to Folkestone to the university campus Penny will be going to in order to meet up with various members of staff to get accommodation and support organised for Penny. The day went really well - the only shame was that it wasn't sunny as we were by the seaside and it would have been nice to have eaten our sausage and chips sitting on the beach instead of in the car!

On Friday evening Hugh, Penny and I got the train up to London and went to the Cambridge Theatre to see Matilda - what can I say? It was absolutely fantastic. If you get the chance you must go to see it - not only was the young girl playing Matilda brilliant, the rest of the cast were fantastic too. I can see why it won all the awards it did.

On Saturday Ben came home for the weekend and Penny was thrilled to spend some time with him. She also spent the day baking, as she wanted to make her own birthday cake!
Yes, it did taste as good as it looks! Chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream, chocolate cigarillos around the outside and the middle filled with Maltesers!

Sunday saw the end of the celebrations with a final party when the family from Hemel came over for lunch. We had planned on a bbq, but the weather was not kind, so I ended up cooking everything under the grill and in the oven!
Emily helping Penny to open her birthday presents! We are thinking of making the hat a family heirloom as we actually bought it for Ben and then kept it for Penny! Another 3 years and we can pass it on to Henry!
I love this photo of Henry, my Dad and Hugh, they were laughing at something Ben had said!

My Mum captured me doing what I do best ....
getting ready to take photos! I have loads more from all of Penny's celebrations and no doubt I will be sharing them with you on scrapbook layouts in the future!


Lynn said...

Glad Penny had a great few days and that cake looks scrummy!

scrappyjacky said...

The cake looks amazing....glad she had a wonderful birthday.

Tammy said...

Looks like an amazing birthday!!

Sian said...

The cake looks amazing!

..and of course you don't look old enough to have a 21 year old daughter!

Gail said...

That cake looks absolutely yummy - that's quite the baker you've got there.

alexa said...

What happy photos! A chocolate cake with Maltesers in? Too scrumptious for words! You can't possibly have a daughter that age, Becky!

Karen said...

I didn't know about Matilda, but I'm quite sure I'd love it. Looks like Penny had a fantastic birthday, and the cake she made looks amazing!

Alison said...

So glad Penny had such a great birthday..and well!- what can I say about that cake?!
Alison xx