Saturday 18 May 2013

Just a quick post

I really don't know where time is going at the moment! I haven't seemed to have stopped this week. After Ben left on Sunday Penny's friend Laurz arrived. The two of them went to the theatre to see a one man show by a wrestler, Mick Foley, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Laurz stayed over and then on the Monday Penny went back to Hemel with her and stayed the night in the Premier Inn there, coming back home on the Tuesday. I am so proud of her for staying away in a hotel by herself - something I never thought she would be able to do.

Penny and Laurz

Laurz, Rory (Laurz's boyfriend) and Penny

On Wednesday I had my friends Sue and Wendy round and we had a scrapbooking evening. I worked on the Photo Freedom pack I had won on Jennifer Grace's blog - will share those photos with you soon!

On Thursday it was Penny's birthday and I was at work. However, I worked through my lunch and left a little early so that I could spend some more time with Penny. Hugh was working from home, so once I got home we let Penny open her presents! We gave her a satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company which she really wanted - she is going to use it for uni.

We then went out to Southend for a meal, which was lovely! Also, it was great not to have to cook!

When we got back from the restaurant we were all very full, but we had to stick a candle in the remaining cake from Wednesday evening and sing 'happy birthday' to Penny!

Friday saw me and Penny taking a trip to Canterbury. As I may have mentioned, Penny is attending Canterbury Christchurch University but has been at the Folkestone campus which is closing in the summer and moving back to Canterbury. We have got Penny's flat organised but she was getting quite anxious about the actual campus as she hadn't been there. Her course director is brilliant and we arranged to meet her there on Friday to be shown around. Penny and I got the train down, which was fun - I haven't been on that long a train ride in ages!

After being shown around the campus (and Penny was much happier and settled in her mind about it all) Penny and I walked to the library to have a look around and then we had a walk up the High Street, window shopping, before returning home. We walked miles!

Today we have been to the Sealife Adventure centre in Southend. The last celebration for her birthday! It was great fun and we had lunch out which was nice too. This evening we are off to our neighbours for a party as Gary is celebrating his 50th birthday. Tomorrow we take Penny and a load of boxes to Folkestone for her last week of term and to pack some of her belongings up! I am exhausted! Looking forward to next weekend with the Bank Holiday Monday!

Anyway, thanks for reading this far! I will post some more layouts later in the week.


alexa said...

Happy birthday to Penny! And you are clearly proud and delighted by her growing independence. Canterbury sounds a very nice alternative to Folkestone :). Off to google for those lovely satchels - I have a girl of my own who would love one! Glad you all had such a lovely day.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Such happy smiley faces!

Missus Wookie said...

Delighted to see someone else stretches their birthday celebrations out too. So glad that Penny could see the new campus and feel settled, yeah for growing independence too. So nice to see so many smiles :)

Alison said...

It's lovely to see such a happy, relaxed looking Penny...I know how proud you are of her- and rightly so!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Penny feels comfortable with the new campus. Belated Happy Birthday to her. Sounds like you had a wonderful week.