Wednesday 29 May 2013

The heat is on

Sometimes you do a page and you are really pleased with it, other times you are just pleased. This is one that I was really pleased with! It all came together just as I had imagined! The colour combination is one of my favourites and I am chuffed that the keycard from the hotel (which I specifically asked to keep and the receptionist said 'are you a scrapbooker?) is the perfect colour too.

I wanted to put some washi tape as borders, but didn't have any the right colour. However, one of the papers had chevrons on it that were perfect, so I cut a couple of strips and used that instead.

The frame on the photo is one I have had in my stash for ages and again, the colour was perfect. I do like mixing old and new stash - doesn't make me feel so guilty for buying 2 collection packs from TKMaxx the other weekend! Well, they were only £12 each and they were one of my favourite manufacturers - American Crafts. OK, so a multipack of A/C glitter tape and another of bakers twine might have also fallen into my basket! But in my defence, I didn't get to go to Ally Pally in April as we were on holiday and I had been saving to go, not realising that the two clashed.

This has been a funny old Bank Holiday weekend. On Saturday we left home early to go down to Folkestone with Penny to start moving her out of her flat. We got down there about 10.30am and by lunchtime I had developed a major migraine. I managed to help pack boxes and load the car and then slept all the way back home. Came into the house, took my migraine medication (which I had foolishly left at home) and slept the rest of the afternoon. The evening was spent in pain and then bed, when I didn't get much sleep. So, Sunday was a complete washout as I was in so much pain. I had been looking forward to going to see my Mum and Dad in their new house, but had to postpone. Fortunately on Monday I woke up and apart from a very mild headache felt a lot better. I did some cleaning and then took it easy - a good excuse to scrap!

I have also been planning for a special blog post - so look out for that coming soon! Hope that you had a better weekend than me and that the sun shone for you.


Sian said...

Sending migraine sympathy your way!

Did the receptionist seriously say that? So cool. I think your delight in that moment really shows in your page

scrappyjacky said...

So sorry about the migraine....I used to suffer from them....but for me...they disappeared when I had my first child...who has managed to cause headaches of a different type a few times!!
The page has come together perfectly.

Sandra said...

I'm sorry to hear you suffered over the bank holiday.

So I wonder if the receptionist was a scrapper too :)

I'm not surprised you like your layout, it's fabulous

alexa said...

Now there's a receptionist with a keen eye and some insight! And gad you ave found a place for it on your lovely page ... So sorry to hear how your weekend was hijacked by the migraine and hope you're feeling better now :).

Anonymous said...

Your page looks lovely Becky! Sorry to hear your weekend involved a migraine. I definitely know what that's like. I'm glad though that your holiday Monday was migraine free.

Karen said...

I've never had a migraine, but know from friends how debilitating they can be! I totally understand your pleasure with this layout---the design is wonderful!

Missus Wookie said...

My migraines went away with my first child too - was grateful for that. I really like the way the page has come together - so cool about the receptionist asking and then letting you keep the key.