Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A birthday roundup

My birthday celebrations began on Saturday with a trip to the lovely Italian restaurant in Wickford with Hugh, Penny and my Mum and Dad. I can't believe it, but I forgot to take my camera! The waiter offered to take a photo with my phone, it's not brilliant, but it's the only one I've got!
When we got home we were so full we had no room for a piece of the cake Penny had made me! (Bo is my nickname). Mum and Dad took a point home each and we had some later in the evening!

On Sunday Penny and I met my friend Wendy and we went to Paper Mill Lock near Danbury for a walk along the River Chelmer.

It was incredibly windy and not very sunny, but we still had a fun walk, all of us taking photographs as we went along.

There were loads of wild flowers out and different grasses too.

I crouched for ages waiting to get this photo of a bee on the dead nettles! We walked as far as this bridge and up onto it before turning to retrace our steps.

Penny and Wendy posed for me on the bridge!

This photo of the poppies in the field was taken by Penny and I just love it.

She also took this photo of me and Wendy - yes, Wendy is poking her tongue out!

When we returned to the Lock we rewarded ourselves with a cream tea! Well, half a cream tea each as the scones were so big! Also, I don't drink tea, so I had coffee and Penny had water, but you get the general idea.

Then onto my actual birthday yesterday. I was woken by Hugh at 5.15am as he had to get up early to catch a flight to Scotland, where he will be until Thursday. He felt so bad about being away for my birthday, but as it is business it can't be helped. He gave me a beautiful card and gold bangle before he left. I then got up and went into work. My colleagues at work were very generous and gave me Euros to buy myself something on holiday, a couple of t-shirts and some perfume. I took in some cupcakes which Penny had made.

At lunchtime I went home as I had booked a half day's holiday. Penny had my lunch ready for me and after eating that we went to Tropical Wings where Ben had taken Penny for her birthday.
It was lovely there! We walked through the butterfly house where there were also some free flying (or in this case, sitting) birds.
We then went out to see the birds of prey display. This eagle owl was magnificent.
We were then lucky to be able to go into the lemur enclosure where the keeper was giving a talk. We got up so close to them, it was wonderful!
And there was this mummy with her 6 week old baby boy clinging to her back - so sweet!
Having spent a couple of hours there we returned home and I opened my cards and presents that were waiting for me. I had some wonderful gifts and cards. Penny and I then ordered our tea from Pizza Hut - a real treat! We sat down in front of the television to eat and watched Criminal Minds - a great birthday tea!

I then had lots of the family phone to wish me a happy birthday! Ben phoned and I spoke to him and Rachel which was nice. I spoke with my sister, my nieces, Mum and Dad, Hugh's parents, Hugh's sister, my Aunt and finally Hugh! A lovely end to a long birthday celebration!
And I got some photos for the Scavenger Hunt too, but you will have to wait until Sunday to see which ones I decided to use!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Happy, happy Birthday! Glad it was a good one. I was definitely thinking scavenger hunt as I looked through your photos today.

Beverly said...

Sounds like a lovely and very full celebration of you this year. I love the photo Penny took of the poppies.

Abi said...

Happy Birthday. That cake is super and it look like you had the best day,

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like some very enjoyable birthday celebrations took place.

Karen said...

Happy belated birthday!!! It looks like it was quite fabulous!

Missus Wookie said...

Sounds like it was a great birthday - and what a treat to see the babies and go into the cage :)