Sunday 16 June 2013

Sunday Summer Scavenger Hunt Photos

I've decided that if I've got any photos to share for Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt I will try and load them up on a Sunday.

So, here is the list:
1. Open air market
2. Theater for performing arts (not a movie theater)
3. City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building
4. Airplane
5. A sunset
6. Someone or something taking a nap
7. A sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny
8. A tower
9. A photo with someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn't belong
10. A bench that is outside
11. An animal in a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, etc.
12. A cloud in the shape of something (please specify what you see)
13. A fence
14. A stained glass object or a mosaic
15. A fire truck or police car
16. A windmill
17. Candle(s)
18. Your local pub/bar, coffee house or tea shop
19. A fisherman
20. A dinosaur
21. A photograph of you with an artistic tool or craft supply (you cannot substitute for this item)
Bonus/substitute items. If you find any of the above items too difficult, feel free to substitute either (or both) of these items. You can substitute up to two items, but you cannot substitute Item #21:
A person wearing an outfit (or item of clothing) that symbolizes your country
A sundial
And here are my photos:
This dinosaur usually lives on top of the cupboard in our utility room - difficult to take a photo of him there! He was made by collecting pieces from a magazine when Ben was 7 - it took us over  year!

This statue just didn't look right on the roof of the building in Folkestone! However, if I find something that is better for number 9 I will replace this.

This is the Quarterhouse, the theatre opposite Penny's flat in Folkestone.

 I am looking forward to finding more things on the list when we finally get some time to ourselves! We spent all yesterday moving Penny's furniture out of her flat, so today was spent doing all those jobs that didn't get done yesterday! I know exactly where to go and get my windmill photo - looking forward to a Sunday afternoon out!


alexa said...

These are great - I do have a soft spot for your dinosaur. I
Bet he was glad to get off that ledge and back into the grass again :).

Abi said...

I think that dinosaur is so great photographed like that!

Sian said...

There is something really special about those old "collecting things" memories. We have an old football poster we collected cards for for months and months and no one can bear to get rid of it. Happy days!

Karen said...

Great start, and your wonderful dinosaur reminds me that we have one living on our bookshelves that disappeared a few months ago. I need to do a search!

Alison said...

LOVE your dinosaur picture!
Alison xx

Sandra said...

You're on to a fabulous start

Anonymous said...

What a super start - and you got a dinosaur!! He looks great in the grasses.

Maria Ontiveros said...

That dinosaur cracks me up!
And nice theater.

Missus Wookie said...

I hope your dinosaur enjoyed his outing :) Isn't it fun planning trips to take photos?

James Pereira said...

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