Friday, 30 August 2013

Bank holiday crafting

Phew, what a week that has been! It started the Tuesday before the Bank Holiday weekend when I woke up with a migraine. I phoned into work feeling very guilty as I had the rest of the week off and it seemed as if I was playing hookey, which I wasn't, but I always feel guilty if I have to take time off work!

Wednesday we drove to Cornwall to visit Hugh's family for a short trip. I still had a really bad migraine and slept in the back of the car on the way down, whilst Penny kept Hugh company. We stayed in Cornwall for a couple of days and got back early evening on Friday.

Saturday saw me and Hugh putting the flooring down in the dining room to finish off the decorating. It took the whole day, was not easy, but we kept calm, didn't argue and it got done - even if Hugh did manage to hit his hand with a hammer and break the skin and need steristrips on it!

Sunday was jobs day and once they had been done I actually managed to complete this layout below, which I had started at a crop about 3 months ago!

I had to add the title, some more embellishments and the journalling.
And here is the journalling in close up for you to read.
After doing the ironing on Bank Holiday Monday and a trip to the tip to get rid of all the old flooring, I was able to spend the rest of the day crafting. Yes! The conservatory is free of decorating 'stuff' and I was able to easily get at all my stash - happy girl!
This was a layout I had been promising to make for about 3 years and finally got around to with photos taken on our Shropshire holiday this year.

I actually did another two layouts too, but I will share those with you another day. This weekend sees us going to Canterbury with the first load of boxes to move Penny into her flat - don't think that much crafting will get done over this weekend!


Missus Wookie said...

ugh on the migraine but yeah on getting the decorating done and being able to craft! I like the SHEEEEP title :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you made great use of your time off - well aside from that migraine. The pages look great and I had to laugh at the journaling on the Grand Canyon one.

Sian said...

I like your layouts; and I also like the fact that you managed to get the old flooring to the tip quickly. In this house trips to the tip never come frequently enough!

Karen said...

Love the first layout particularly. It reminds me of one on the same topic I did several years ago. As well, it reminds me that there is a layout laying on my table that has been waiting to be finished for nearly six weeks now.