Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 4 - Herculaneum

What did we do today? Well today was Herculaneum. We got the shuttle bus down to Sorrento and then
caught the train to Erculano. It was cheap - €4.40 return each for a one hour journey on hard plastic chairs! However it did the job. We had been told by the Thomson rep that it wasn't safe to get the train to Erculano - rubbish! Trip Advisor said it was ok and it was and a lot cheaper than a Thomson excursion!
After a ten minute walk downhill we were at the gates - stunning! The ruins are below ground level, where they have been excavated from beneath the volcanic flow and as you walked in you could see the town laid out below you. We bought our tickets, picked up the audio guide (2 for €10) and entered through the walls down by what was the beach. 
Herculaneum from above
The skeletons they found in down by the shore in the boat houses
It was absolutely fascinating.
A large amphora - these were set into shop counters and hot food was served from them
Hugh standing behind a shop counter with the amphora set in
We spent three hours there, finding a shady spot near the outside gymnasium to have a
picnic lunch.
Columns in the gymnasium area
Beautiful painting

Hugh in one of the bath houses - the basin behind him would have held cold water for washing in
Mosaic in the bath house 
Mask used for acting

We left the ruins just after 3pm and made our way back up the hill, stopping for a water ice on the way back to the station. Our feet were burning and we were exhausted, but we were lucky to get seats back to Sorrento.

We got the shuttle bus back to the hotel and had a swim and a little laze in the sun before coming back to the room to change for dinner. Dinner was delicious as usual and we are now collapsed on the bed, patio door to the balcony is open and Hugh is watching the kiddies film Robotz!


Missus Wookie said...

Fascinating! Just amazing to get to see it in real life I bet.

alexa said...

Wonderful photos, and this must have been a great experience. I feel as if I am watching a lovely travel programme ever time I pop in :).

Sian said...

I'm more than little envious! I'd love to go to Herculaneum

Alison said...

It looks as though you've had a marvellous holiday, Becky!
Alison xx

Abi said...

This looks incredible Becky. I like the details you have captured. So much history there. I am very envious!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely envious. So glad you're sharing pictures of your trip.