Wednesday 7 August 2013

Look what I found!

Yes, I found that I had a layout in my album which I hadn't shared with you! I've not done any scrapping now for about a month, what with our holiday and the new kitchen and then the subsequent decorating. Our 'man' is coming in to do the tiling and finish off the kitchen starting 12th August and hopefully Hugh will get the dining room finished pretty soon too! Then we can settle back down and I can get some scrapping done.

Anyway, I digress! I had made most of this layout when I went to Wendy's one evening to scrap - it just needed its title and some journalling, so I threw them on, photographed it and here it is!
Yes, another layout for my California Road Trip album (well, second one now). I made the photographs into a pocket so that I could store the leaflet from the Hoover Dam which we were given when we went into the visitors' centre.

I used up two packets of Thickers making the title! Well, I had a couple of letters left on each, but decided that it really wasn't worth keeping them any more. I am trying to use it, donate it or lose it at the moment as I really have sooo much stash! I would rather use and donate than throw away, but when you have a sheet with 'x' and 'z' on it and not much else, it really is time to throw it away!

Until I have some more layouts to share I will probably share some photos with you of our trip to Italy. We had such a wonderful time and saw some wonderful sights.

Oh yes and I had a letter and layout published in this month's issue of Scrapbook Magazine! I was thrilled. It is so nice to see your layout in print.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Great layout.
I hope to do some scrapping in August.

scrappyjacky said...

I like storing memorabilia on pages.

Sian said...

Well done :)

Beverly said...

Love the title :) Congrats on being published!

Melissa said...

I like how you made the pocket with your photos - great idea. And congratulations on having a layout published!!

alexa said...

Many congratulations in the publication! Hoping the renovation are soon completed but you,ve coped very well in the absence of a scrapbooking table - this is a great page and I do like your clever title!

Missus Wookie said...

Those last few letters on a thickers sheet are always tempting to hang on to aren't they? Well done on using up old stash and congrats on getting published :)

Susanne said...

Well, there's so much going on with you since I last checked in. I hope your "man" finishes up the kitchen for you - and your "honey" the dining room - I remember well how inconvenient it is when the kitchen is in disarray - it is so often the center of activity. Great job on mixing your title fonts - I love that look, but sometimes it takes me forever to find ones that will look good together. Also, I am slowly learning that it is okay to throw away the last little bit of something you know you won't use. At some point it is silly to keep a whole sheet of backing for a few bitty letters. I'll be back to hear about the Italy trip soon.

Anonymous said...

Love it and love that title. It sure is! :) Looking forward to catching up and seeing your Italy pictures.