Tuesday 15 October 2013

Do you know the way?

Well, the words of the song are actually 'do you know the way to San Jose' and we were going to Los Angeles, but the words of the second verse are apt 'L.A. is a great big freeway', so I went with that for the title on this layout!

This is the last page with a map on it from the wonderful itinerary book we received from the travel agent. I am so pleased that I have managed to include them all in my albums.

A close-up of the journalling - just loving enamel dots at the moment! They are so expensive though! I've got quite a lot of gems and pearls in my stash and some Candi dots so trying to use them up and save the enamel dots for special pages!

My second layout today was taken at the same roadside stop just off the LA freeway. It was a page I knew had to do - it is so typical Hugh!

I'd run out of question marks for the title, so decided to make it a statement rather than a question!
I was pleased with this embellishment cluster - I feel it strikes just the right note!

And a close-up of the journalling for you.

I spent a lovely weekend but am now on my own! It was Hugh's birthday on Saturday and both Ben and Penny were home for the weekend. We went out for a meal Saturday evening (Rachel joined us) and then on Sunday Hugh had to leave at lunchtime to go to Berlin on business. Ben took him to the airport at Southend and then returned to eat an early Sunday roast with me and Penny. I then took Penny to the station to catch the train back to Canterbury and then Ben and Rachel returned to Reading. So, from 2pm Sunday I was on my own and I scrapped for hours! Hugh is back tomorrow and then we have another busy weekend coming up! I'll try and get some photos of Hugh's birthday uploaded to my blog to share with you soon.


Ruth said...

I really like how these pages look. It's always good when you scrap a photo of a sign or use a map ~ somehow they tie things together.

scrappyjacky said...

Glad to hear he didn't meet a rattlesnake!!

Sandra said...

Really lovely pages :) the map looks perfect on thatage as does your clustering

Susanne said...

Great pages, Becky. I really liked your embellishment cluster too - it is hard sometimes to get them just right - you did. And I'm going to try playing with some enamel dots soon too!

alexa said...

There is something about map related items which just makes me tingle - I love them! Your page does indeed draw you in, and your amused exasperation with Hugh comes through - honestly, what are they like!

Missus Wookie said...

I suspect you are right about the antihistamines and rattle snakes - loved the journaling tone and the map bits. Those enamel dots are fun aren't they?

Enjoy your time on your own after a busy weekend :)

Abi said...

I really like that you have included the map and I love the cluster you have created. I would run if I had seen that sign! An animal lover I am not!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Really fun layouts, Becky. I smiled at the one with the rattlesnake reference. That was a big thing for Doug and his buddies to do when they were young: go to the desert and look for rattlers. They'd find them too! Boys!

Anonymous said...

They look great Becky. I had to smile at the reference to LA's freeways - they are terrifying. I refuse to drive on them and let John do it instead. I'll take the other roads. :)