Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Revisiting a favourite

Sian suggested on her blog post here that when we are in the blog doldrums or just too busy with Christmas to create a new post, that we revisit a story/blog post from years gone past. So please find below one of my favourite stories written about a past Christmas. I hope you enjoy it, either again if you have read it before, or for the first time.

From December 2011

Last year Sian, hosted from her blog, the very successful Story Telling Sunday, where we were encouraged to tell our stories, once a month on the first Sunday of the month. I read many interesting, exciting, touching and downright funny stories over the past year and it was also great to get stories of my own written down; stories that otherwise might have got lost over the years.

This year Sian is hosting again, but has changed the format slightly and is suggesting that if we prefer, we can tell our story with pictures rather than words.

So, this being the first of the month, and of course the first of 2012, here is a very short story, illustrated with two photographs.


Just before Christmas 1991, I was suffering very badly with gallstones. I collected Penny (5 months old) from her cot and set off down the stairs, with Ben going down, on his bottom, in front of me. I had a sudden attack, momentarily passed out and fell down the stairs, knocking Ben down and 'throwing' Penny down. Fortunately, apart from being very shaken, we were all ok, although Ben had a wonderful carpet burn on his forehead and this was clearly visible in all the Christmas photos that year.

Fast forward 20 years. Ben is home for the holidays. He is in the shower and drops the soap. As he stands up, having picked the soap up, he hits his head on the soap try and comes downstairs with a huge lump on his forehead and a lovely graze! He has grown up, but nothing changes!

I hope to be back sharing some more uptodate stories soon - I've been a bit poorly and I'm trying to get better before the party season!


Sandra said...

Lol ... I don't think he'd fit into that car anymore for you to be able to recreate that picture

Jo said...

Definitely a story worth sharing again :) x

Sian said...

It's such a great story: definitely one worth sharing again!

Beverly said...

Glad you reposted, I didn't remember this story and it is priceless :)

Miriam said...

Ouch! I missed this the first time around so am more than happy to enjoy it today. Thank you for the very beautifully made Christmas card. x

Anonymous said...

Oh that was definitely worth sharing again! I hope there are no bumps this Christmas. :) Hope you're feeling much better today.

Missus Wookie said...

Definitely worth sharing again - gallstones do sound terribly painful :( Hope you are feeling better now.