Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Weekly Walking - 3rd February

Again I am a day late posting this, but I have an excuse - truly! I have come down with bronchitis which means that I haven't managed to get out every day either. I ended up at the GP centre at out local hospital on Wednesday night as I couldn't get an appointment at our GP's until the end of this week - I ask you! Anyway, he diagnosed bronchitis and said to take time off work - which I didn't. My manager was on compassionate leave as her aunt had died in Italy and everyone else was on holiday, so I had to go in - big mistake! I went in on Thursday and Friday, but by Sunday I was feeling lots worse and I have now been off work two days. Not sure when I will be back, but at the moment it still feels as if I am coughing my lungs up.

Anyway, enough of me moaning! How did I do with the walking whilst ill? Well, I still managed to get out for 5 days out of the 7, which I don't think is bad. I also feel that as it was an 'intention' not a 'resolution' to walk every day, that by missing because I have been ill I have not 'broken' anything so I don't feel guilty!
Hopefully I will start to feel a bit better soon and I will be back to my daily walk! Hoping that you are all keeping well and enjoying this sunshine that we have at the moment - yay, no rain!


Missus Wookie said...

Oh dear :( Hope you feel better soon, take it easy and rest so you can get better soon.

Abi said...

Take it easy. I hope you get better soon. x

Karen said...

So sorry you're ill! The only safe place to walk here is at the gym, and I haven't been there in over two weeks, so I am already WAY behind in my walking goal for February! Hope you feel better soon.

Melissa said...

Hope you are all better Becky!

alexa said...

So glad you can take time off and nurture yourself before it turns to pneumonia! You've done exceedingly well so far, and everything has to stop when we are poorly until we are well enough again :). Hoping you can sit in a sunny window, rest and relax and drink tea ..