Sunday, 29 June 2014

Art in the Underpass

So Today saw Hugh, me and Penny in Canterbury. What for? Well, Penny had written a poem for a competition to find three poems to display in the underpass of the Westgate Gardens in Canterbury. And Sunday was decision day!

We arrived in Canterbury early and leaving the car at Penny's flat, walked in to the city centre. We decided to have lunch at a pub before making our way to the park. The lunch was yum and after a bathroom break for nerves, we made our way through the busy high street to the park.

Penny was very nervous about reading her poem out loud and she was the penultimate of nine to read, so she had quite a wait!
She may have been really nervous, but you wouldn't have known as she read beautifully. Now, we may be biased, but we think that she had written the best poem and she definitely got the most applause.

However it wasn't to be - she wasn't one of the three winners. However she was very philosophical about it and said now she will enter it into other competitions. I know that she was disappointed, but am proud at how well she handled that disappointment. 

All I can say is look out for more of her work - I am sure she is going to make it big one day!


Karen said...

Good for Penny for putting herself out there! You're right, her day will come!

scrappyjacky said...

Well done to her.

Sian said...

Being able to stand up and read out a poem cpunts as a big win in my book

Sandra said...

Well done to her for public speaking, it's quite an art. And good for her not giving up. Better luck next time

Anonymous said...

I like her attitude about it and congrats to her for getting up in front of everyone and reading it.