Wednesday 3 September 2014

Review of the Selphy 910

Way back in June when I got my Selphy for my birthday, I said I would do a review. Well, finally, here it is! And I have to say, I love my Selphy!

The printer comes with a power adapter and tray for the ‘postcard’ sized paper to go into. However, there is no ink or paper (not even a sample amount) included in the box, so you do need to buy this at the same time. There are a couple of sizes of paper, but I chose the ‘postcard’ size, which is actually 6x4.

The ‘ink’ is actually on a roll, like film. It slots into the side of the printer very easily. The paper comes in separate packs and you load 18 sheets max (which is one pack) into the holder and then slot that into the printer.

You need space at the back of the printer for the paper to come almost all the way out before it is pulled back in again. The paper goes through the printer four times – three times a different colour is laid down and on the fourth pass a waterproof coating. The quality of the finished photos is very good. You do need to tear off the top and bottom perforated edges, but this barely shows on the photo edge and if you were bother by a slightly perforated edge you could trim it carefully either with a trimmer or craft knife.

It was stupidly easy to set it up to print from my iPad and iPhone. The first thing I had to do was to download the App from the iStore. Once you have that on your iPad/iPhone it is time to connect it to the printer. This literally took about 3 minutes to do for each device.

It is then a case of opening the App, choosing the photo you want to print from within the App and pressing the print button! The photo is printed in about 2 minutes.

I f you want to have more than one photo printed on one sheet of 4x6 then you just use an App like Photocollage to create your multiphoto, save it to your camera roll (making sure that the ratio is 2:3) and then print it! Easy!

I also tried printing from my camera’s SD card – push the card in and all your photos can be seen on the printer screen. Pressing the little button with a magnifying glass and minus sign means you can see 9 photos at a time and scroll through them more quickly. From the little screen you have a menu and you can choose how many photos you want to print on your page. Once you have chosen that, then you just need to chose the photos to print and press the print button!

Would you like a quick demo?

OK then, here it is! Me printing from my iPhone.

So, do I recommend this? Definitely! I can see me using this a lot to print photos out when I am working in the conservatory, rather than having to keep going back into the lounge where the main computer and printer are. The quality is superb and I understand that the waterproof coating means the photos are guaranteed to last 100 years – by which time I won’t be here anymore and won’t worry if you can’t see them!

Is it costly? Well the printer was £80.99, which is comparable with many photo quality printers. The box of paper and ink, which prints 100 photos was £23.45, making the cost of each print, (not including the cost of the printer) 23p, which I don’t think is too expensive. I obviously wouldn’t print a whole holiday’s worth of photos this way, but to be able to print them off to go to a crop, or whilst doing Project Life, it is really good value and very good quality.


Karen said...

Long ago, I had a Selphy but before the advent of the ability to print directly from your phone. I have a nice (but old) Canon printer right on my desk, so I finally gave the Selphy away. Looks very appealing now that you can do the direct printing.

alexa said...

Great to read your detailed review - we bought one for my Mum five or so years ago and she loved it. I didn't realised they were available for the ipad/iphone - when I (hopefully one day) get my little home on wheels, it sounds idea for memory keeping on the go...

Abi said...

This is so fun. I had heard of the selphy printer but after your review I am very tempted! Thank you for sharing with us.

Jo.C said...

I love my selphy too, but I have tried from my laptop so I have learnt from this. Thank you . Great post .

Missus Wookie said...

I keep hearing good reviews about this - thank you for yours as well.