Monday, 13 October 2014

It's Me on Monday Time!

This weekend has been a dodging the showers, drying washing indoors, baking cakes, and celebrating Hugh's birthday sort of weekend. We had a lovely family party yesterday lunchtime and Penny made Hugh a fantastic Minion cake - he was thrilled with it!

Today was back to work - driving through some massive puddles that were more like lakes - the flooding here has been tremendous, but fortunately our house is ok. And here I am on Monday evening, knitting some more of my poncho. I would love to crochet one of the ripple blankets I have been seeing around, but unfortunately I cannot crochet for toffee! I do love to knit though and am rather thrilled with this pattern I am knitting.
Looking forward to seeing what you have all been up to over the weekend and waving to Sian whose idea this meme is.


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Happy birthday to Hugh! I love that cake that Penny made! :o)

Sandra said...

That's the most fabulous cake :)

I'm another that can't really crochet. I've got the basics occasionally but when I come to do it again, I've forgotten how lol. It's certainly something I want to master

scrappyjacky said...

I wish I could crochet as well.
Great cake.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Hugh, and Penny, that's a fabulous cake!

Sian said...

Who wouldn't love a Minion cake! That's brilliant.

I couldn't crochet up until this year when I bought a book with lots of pictures in and made a start. The big advantage is that it's easier to rip it out and pick it up again than knitting!

Have a great week. I'm looking forward to seeing that poncho finished

Alison said...

Hope. Hugh had a great birthday...and I love the look of that poncho!
Alison xxx

Melissa said...

What a fantastic Minion cake!! We took a road trip over the weekend - FUN, but lots of miles.

Anonymous said...

Penny always makes such great looking cakes! Well that was a new one on me - the bit about not being able to crochet for toffee.