Monday, 23 March 2015

Weekend catch up

Friday afternoon saw Hugh driving to Cornwall to visit his Mum in hospital, Penny returning home from uni for the holidays and Ben arriving home to spend the weekend with us.
Ben's home! Bag, shoes and clothes dropped in the hall!
Saturday morning first thing was Slimming World. Unfortunately Hugh couldn't be there, but I went along and was thrilled with another 2.5lb loss and to be Slimmer of the Week.

The fruit I won for being Slimmer of the Week
Saturday afternoon Ben, Penny and I watched films together. Penny then went off to a wrestling event and Hugh arrived home. His Mum was a little better, so that was good news.

Sunday morning we rushed around doing jobs and dropping Penny at the station so she could meet friends in London. Hugh, Ben and I then made our way to Hemel to see my parents as it was my Mum's birthday.

After a lovely afternoon with them and my sister and her family, Ben returned to Reading and Hugh and I returned home. A healthy Slimming World tea of homemade soup followed by fruit and yoghurt and then we collapsed to watch some tv!

I hope that you had a lovely weekend - what did you get up to?


Jo said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend and I'm glad Hugh's mum is getting better x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Hugh's Mum is getting better. Sounds like a busy weekend of running here and there. We stayed put indoors as Mother Nature here doesn't realize it's spring and is giving us winter temperatures.

Abi said...

Congratulations on that slimming world award!

Sian said...

A weekend of coming and going, then?

Well done on that Slimming Award :)

Miriam said...

Well done at Slimming World :) I love the picture of you & your son. Mine is visiting over the Easter weekend. Can't wait.