Saturday 25 April 2015

Five Faves for March - the Layouts

Joining in with Jo to bring you my five favourite photos for March set out in their own layouts!
This layout has two photos - the one of me and Penny I absolutely love and underneath is the photo of the presents I received for Mother's Day and the cards.
This layout came together from a sketch I found online, although I can't remember which sketch blog it was from!

I realised when I went to put the layout in the album that I did the wrong year, so rectified it before filing the layout away!

I decided with this layout to throw as many of the embellishments I had in the kit at it as I could without making it look messy! I was quite pleased with the result!

Loving those little pink buttons!

And the last layout - again from a sketch and I think it was a Pagemaps this time. The original had the circles as stitched ones, but I liked using the doilies - they weren't in the kit, but the colours went really well.

Love the camera sticker and the fake washi tape which was printed on the bottom of the page - perfect to write the date on!
And so these are my 5 layouts for March's five favourite photos! I will be back very soon with my five favourite photos for April.


alexa said...

I think you must be the queen of Getting Things Scrapped! Such full and interesting pages - I like your paper folding in that heart and the white edged blue ribbon.

Sian said...

Honestly, I would love to watch you for an afternoon and see how quickly you work. It blows me away! Great stuff

Susanne said...

Nicely done - lots of lovely pages - filled with lovely ladies!!

Karen said...

The greatest thing about these layouts are the wonderful photos that include YOU! I think too many of us are frequently missing in our pages.

Sandra said...

What lovely layouts, you really have amazing mojo (please share with me lol) x

Melissa said...

Great job on these - I especially like the doilies on that last one. I haven't gotten to my March Top Five, so I may have to work on March & April in May . . . but I've stilled scrapped more about this year than I would have if not for the challenge, so I'm counting it all good.

Jo said...

They are all stunning layouts, I love the bold colours x

Anonymous said...

They all look great Becky and I love how the pink seems to run through them all. It's such a nice soft shade of it.