Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Five Favourites for May

Well, I knew this was going to happen! I've actually got SIX photos this month! I will definitely put two on one layout, us with Penny on her birthday, so I will count them as one photo lol!

So, which photos did I choose?
The first photo of Penny on her birthday.
And the second! I need to try and crop this to get the toilet sign out of the background.
Penny with her friends on her birthday. So lovely to see her having such fun. When you have a child on the Autistic spectrum and have seen them struggling and not having friends for many years it makes my heart full to see a photo like this. 
There is a great story to go with this slow worm , but you will have to wait for the layout to find out what it is!
Penny treated me to an ice lolly when we walked to the shops together. 
Hugh and I on our 28th wedding anniversary. I like this not just because I love him so much and it is of the two of us, but also because it shows how far we have come on our Slimming World journey.

So, those are my faves for May. Don't forget that Jo, over at Buckinghamspalace was the inspiration for these posts and hop on over to her blog to see which photos she has chosen for May. 

June promises to bring me more photo opportunities with a trip to the Beth Chatto gardens, my last day at work, my birthday, Father's Day and Ben home for the weekend. What does June hold for you?


Maria Ontiveros said...

I'd just put an embellishment on that corner of the bday toilet photo.

scrappyjacky said...

I was thinking just the same as Rinda!!

alexa said...

I am sure you'll come up with a creative solution for that photo. I could Photoshop that bit out for you if you are stuck! I was really struck in that first photo of the resemblance between you and Penny! Lovely to see such happy photos of you all and lots to celebrate.

Missus Wookie said...

I'll join in the covering up or cloning the door on the photo group :-)

You and Hugh do look well in that photo. So understand your feelings re friends for Penny too.

Sian said...

What can I say..apart from excellent choices?! You all look glowing in those pictures. After all the stress, a relaxed look is creeping back, that's for sure

Jo said...

Fantastic photos and I can't wait to hear the story of the slow worm. That is a lovely photo of Penny and her friends and I can definitely see your weight loss. I've been so busy I'm only just getting round to sharing my photos! x

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried PSE and it's cloning or erasing feature? That would work for the toilet sign. Love most of the pictures but I have to say I could do without the worm one. :)