Monday 29 June 2015

Me on Monday

This weekend has been an extension of my birthday type of weekend....a visiting Hever Castle and Gardens...celebrating with my extended family in Hemel.....revising medical terminology sort of weekend!

I have always wanted to visit Hever and it didn't disappoint.

On Sunday we went over to my Mum and Dad's. and my sister and her family joined us for a slice of birthday cake made by Penny!
And in my free time, it has been study, study, study! I am enjoying my course, but it is quite hard work now!

Oh yes, but I did manage to finish knitting my shawl in time to take away with me on my holiday!

Waving to Sian, whose idea this was.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are able to enjoy some of the promised sunshine this week (if you are in the UK that is!).


Sian said...

Your shawl looks amazing: a perfect summer evening cover up. Since you said you were going to Hever we have been remembering our own visit, and then it turned up tv the other night too. Lovely place. I'm glad you had a great birthday trip.

Lou said...

ooh your shawl is lovely. Sounds like a fun weekend

Melissa said...

Wow - the shawl is absolutely beautiful! Looks like it was a fantastic weekend & getting to continue the birthday celebration is always FUN!

Julia said...

Never looks beautiful. Especially in the sunshine. Well done on extending the birthday celebrations. Always a good thing in my book!!

Anonymous said...

Those grounds look lovely - I envy you having all these wonderful places to visit right near you. I think birthdays should be celebrated for a week anyway. :)

Patio Postcards said...

Very envious of your trip out to Hever Castle. Anne Boleyn is my favourite historical person. I only once had the opportunity to walk around outside. Lovely shawl. Hope you have a great week.

Jo said...

It sounds like you had a lovely birthday. That shawl looks amazing! x