Thursday 23 July 2015

I'm back!

So, having prepared posts to publish whilst I was away on holiday so it wouldn't be noticeable that I was away, since I returned on Saturday I haven't had time to post anything! Need to think this out for my next holiday and schedule posts for the first week back too!

Anyway, we had the most wonderful holiday, in a beautiful villa, in a tiny village 5 minutes from Mirepoix in the Languedoc region of France.

Penny and me playing catch in the pool (because I have some embellishments that are beach balls lol!)
We spent a relaxing two weeks exploring the local area, swimming, sunbathing, reading and eating (on Saturday I return to Slimming World to see what the damage is!).

I had three favourite places which we visited. The first was Carcassonne - a fairy tale city which we ended up visiting three times. Once, in the evening with my Mum and Dad, once during the day with Penny and the third trip was again with Penny on the day we left.

My second favourite place was Tarascon. Oh what a view from the bell tower which Penny and I climbed. Well we climbed the hill the bell tower was on, but the tower itself wasn't open to the public.
View from the bell tower in Tarascon
It was just breathtaking. Whilst Penny and I climbed the hill, Hugh enjoyed visiting a model railway - a win win day out!

My final favourite is Mirepoix itself. What a fantastic medieval city.
Penny purchasing a new wallet

As it was so local we went in a few times and enjoyed the market, a medieval festival on our last day and several trips to the brocante (antique) shops and the cafes.

I managed to practically complete my Scavenger Hunt and will be posting those photos when Rinda does her blog link up at the beginning of next month.

And so back to reality this week and back to college. I got the results of two exams I was waiting for and was thrilled to pass both with distinction. I took my final exam today and have been in close contact with an agency this week and am hoping to start my first medical secretarial temporary assignment next week.

I have SO many lovely photos to scrap and will be sharing them with you as I get going!

And here are the lovely people I spent my holiday with.

5 comments: said...

Many congratulations on your distinctions! And thank-you for bringing us those photos of the medieval buildings. We visited Carcassonne some years ago and thought it was beautiful too.

Sian said...

Well done you! That's fantastic.

And welcome back. I'm still at the washing and ironing stage here..

Sandra said...

What a fabulous summer you're having. Huge congratulations on your marks xx

Julia said...

Lovely photos. I would live to visit Carcassone. We play the game all the time here! Congrats on your exam results too x

Jo said...

It looks and sounds like you had a really lovely holiday and I can't wait to see the layouts you make. Well done on passing your exams xx