Monday, 17 August 2015

Me on Monday

Well, I haven't joined in with Sian for a while, so thought I ought to make an effort!

So, last week saw my second full week in my role as medical typist which I am really enjoying. It is challenging with all the medical terminology and accents of the doctors, but the ladies I am working with are lovely and the days wizz past!

I am keeping up with my 3 times a week treadmill exercising and now do 1.5 miles at 3.5mph with three spurts of 1 minute at 5mph. I intend to try and do a lot more jogging and less walking as time goes on!

Slimming World is going fantastically and yesterday I got my 2.5 stone award. I am nearly at target and am so pleased with the results. Yesterday I ordered a new dress to wear to Penny's graduation, one which I would never have ordered before!

And yesterday we went to visit Ben and Amy. It was Ben's 26th birthday last Wednesday, so we went down to visit him to give him his presents. We gave him a new working out t-shirt and Hugh insisted that he needed a drill! I wasn't sure, but Ben was thrilled with it!

We also took my Mum and Dad down as they hadn't seen the new house and were very keen to see it, and Ben and Amy!
Penny is back into her baking (with GBBO being on the television) so she made the birthday cake - Amy didn't have enough candles, so she made up 26 with2 candles and number five then 1 candle to add onto the five - imaginative, I'll give her that! And I was very good and didn't have a slice, but ate a HiFi bar lol!
Today we have been catching up on jobs - me indoors and Hugh in the garden. I also got around to scrapping a couple of my Five Faves photos, which I will share later.

And I'll finish with a few photos from last weekend when I went to Marks Hall Gardens and Arboretum with Wendy. We visited earlier in the year, but this time there was a sculpture exhibition on which was lovely! I took over 100 photos! But here are just 3 of my favourites.

Hope you have a good week!


Sian said...

Hey's great to be giving you a wave this morning and wishing you all the best for another week in your new job. It's lovely to hear how well it's going and to see everyone in your pictures looking happy and thriving. Have a great week!

Jo said...

It sounds like you had a busy week! Well done on nearly getting to target xx

Susanne said...

Sounds like all is going splendidly there. Congrats on the weight loss, willpower enough to turn down birthday cake shows you are determined!! I salute you.

Melissa said...

Wow, sounds like a lovely weekend! Congrats on the weight loss and continuing exercise regime. I gained some of my weight back this year, but have been back to regular exercise this month & hoping to do a progress report soon. I'm waving back from Texas as I clean house, do a little paperwork, and set up for an Intro to Bible Journaling class I'm hosting here tomorrow for my young lady friends who'll be heading back to college at the end of the week. Have a great week!

Missus Wookie said...

Congratulations on the weight loss - getting to target is such a good thing. Nice looking cake and we're often inventive with the candles - we've done binary before now :)

Sandra said...

You've done so well on slimming world, huge congratulations xx

Julia said...

Fabulous weight loss - well done you! I love a good garden sculpture and your three favourites are gorgeous. I'm off next week and hoping to visit the Yorkshire sculpture park if the weather holds out!

alexa said...

Great to see how smiling and happy you are as a family :). And very many congratulations on the weight loss - I hope you feel a million dollars in your new dress.

Julie Muller said...

I'm happy to read about your new job. I'm a medical secretary at Queens in Romford. You'll soon get the hang of the medical terminology