Tuesday 3 November 2015

Five Faves for October - the photos

So here we are, in November already! This year is rushing past!

Here are my five favourite photos from October - I have simply LOADS that I want to scrap from Hugh's birthday week, but to start with here are my three real favourites.
Our family meal on the Saturday before Hugh's birthday
Hugh just about to drive the train
Hugh and his Mum
And then there are two more, both taken on my iphone this time.
I put this dress on for work and just loved how slim I felt that I had to take a photo!When you have lost a lot of weight you sometimes can't see it in yourself and still feel large. To be able to see yourself as slim is really important as it actualises all that hard work!

Snapped on an evening walk with Penny before the clocks changed so it was still light! She had bought the flower crown in a sale and insisted on wearing it all day! I loved how pretty she looked in it!
So those are my five favourites for October. I wonder which photos Jo will choose this month?

We have been really busy the past weekend putting together furniture for Penny's new bedroom, so no scrapping time sadly. Hopefully get to do some next weekend, but not holding out too much hope as still a wardrobe and bookcase to build! Oh well, I am sure I will get some time soon!


Jo said...

They are five really lovely photos and lovely memories and stories to go with them, my favourite though is Hugh just about to drive the train :) I can't wait to see you layouts xx

Karen said...

I loved the one of Hugh and Hugh and his mum the first time I saw them, so I'm not surprised to see them pop up here. You look utterly FANTASTIC!

alexa said...

Don't you look just wonderful? Well done to you for all the hard work in getting to this point! And I love the photo of Hugh as a train driver, and the one of him and his Mum :).

Sandra said...

Isn't it funny as the one of Hugh driving the train is my fav too.

Melissa said...

You do look fabulous in that dress!! Great photos for October!

Sian said...

You look amazing! I hope that wardrobe is to hold lots of lovely new clothes :)

Missus Wookie said...

That photo of Hugh about to drive the train is such a wonderful shot - but then so are the rest, not surprised they are your favourites. Yeah for dresses that make you feel great :)