Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Five Faves for December

Yes, yes, yes, I know! I haven’t even scrapped my five faves for November yet! I promise that I will get around to scrapping them and sharing them with you soon. Just need a few Sunday afternoons to spend in my crafting room.

So, how do you narrow December down to five favourites?! I had great difficulty, so decided to choose photos just from my phone and none from my camera. I tend not to scrap so many photos from my phone so this is a good reason to use them. I still had trouble though as I seemed to take loads on my phone over December!
We got the waitress to take this photo when we three crafty girls went out for our Christmas meal. Although we meet every month to craft and had been out for day trips we had never been out for a meal together before. We had great fun and plan to do it 3 or 4 times a year now.
Another Christmas meal! This time with the ladies I work with. We don't get much time to chat at work so it was lovely to spend time really getting to know each other. 
Hugh, Penny and I try to have a trip to the cinema just before Christmas and this year it was the Star Wars movie which I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed!
Christmas Eve afternoon saw Hugh, Penny and I playing board games. We usually go for a walk but the weather was foul! We had a lot of laughs playing the games though. 
And the final photo is a selfie of me wearing the beanie hat I knitted from a kit Hugh's mum gave me for Christmas. I turned it black and white and really like it that way!

And so there we are. A year’s worth of photos will definitely be scrapped. Not all have been single photo layouts, but I know that I have created well over 60 layouts in total in 2015. Thanks to Jo for this great idea to get those 5 favourite photos scrapped every month. I think I may try to do it again in 2016!


Sian said...

That's a wonderful total for the year. I bet you could do it all over again :)

alexa said...

You really followed this meme through this year - all kudos to you. And I love the light and shade in your photo of you three crafting Belles ...

Sandra said...

You've created such beautiful layouts and I do hope you'll do the 5 again in 2016,

Melissa said...

Congrats on keeping going with this project all year Becky! I fell off the wagon on this one, but am glad to have quite a few layouts for 2015 completed even if not all that I had hoped.

Jo said...

They are all great photos with great stories and I can't wait to see them scrapped. I've just got one more November layout to do and then I'll share my next 5 favourites. Thank you so much for joining in with this, you keep me focused on it x