Saturday 8 April 2017

Spotligh Saturday

Spotlight on my life!
This past week has been busy and fun. 

It started with a trip to Hyde Hall Gardens with Hugh. I had won tickets in the Big Essex Weekend lottery. We spent a lovely couple of hours there, lots of walking in the sunshine and a cup of coffee in the cafe. 
Sunday afternoon Hugh and I relaxed doing our hobbies - for him his model railway and for me some scrapbooking. In fact I managed 3 pages, mostly with this month's Like For Ever Kit - so sad that Nicky is closing this down as they kits have been fantastic.

Sunday evening saw me taking Hugh to the station so he could catch a train to stay at a hotel close to where his new company is. Monday was his first day in a new job and so far so good - he is thoroughly enjoying it!

Monday the cat was back down the vets - another urine sample needed. Hopefully we will find out what is wrong with her soon. She is quite happy but has lost some weight and had blood in her urine. 

Tuesday was bingo night! I've never been before but the girls from work chose this as our next 'social'. It was quite fun but not really my thing. I think I may have found it more fun with my actual friends rather than work colleagues! To be honest I didn't really want to go as although I get on with them at work they are not really my type of people and we have NOTHING in common!  Anyway I went and played and didn't win! Maybe if I'd won I would have liked it better!

Wednesday saw me at the gym. I normally go with Penny but she was visiting a friend. An hour on the treadmill and elliptical machine and I was done!

Thursday Penny and I had our second yoga session. We are both LOVING it! Feel so stretched and relaxed afterwards!

And that brings me to Friday. My first Friday not working and it has been wonderful! I had a booster for Hep A first thing then cleaned the house downstairs - a proper deep clean and it looks so good! Then it was off to the hairdresser to get the roots done and a cut! 

So that's my week. It's been a good one. How has your week been? Hope you have a great weekend.


Jo said...

It looks like you had a really lovely week. I'm glad Hugh's new job is going well and I really do hope that the cat is ok x

alexa said...

The resemblance between you and your Mum and Penny is really strong :). Great to see you all smiling happily in the last two posts! And good to hear that Hugh's new job is going well - wishing him all the best.

Alison said...

glad Hugh's job is going well and that you're enjoying yoga....I have been practising yoga using You Tube! xx

Sian said...

You're back blogging? Hurray! It's been great to catch up.